The vision of the Avalon World Centre and Sustainability District is to bring the hearts and hands of humanity together to create a comprehensive campus village for conscious living, global peace, holistic health and education.  This international centre and model district is founded in love and is open to serve everyone, respecting the inherent dignity and worth of all people.  It also seeks to promote green building design, organic agriculture, and protect the sensitive ecological zones, wildlife, geology, watershed resources and cultural history of this outstanding district.


Our mission is to catalyze positive socio-economic and environmental change by creating an inspirational campus centre and model green district that will:

  • Embody universal truths and good qualities of character that transcend the differences of race, religion, politics and nationality, with the aspiration of realizing human unity-in-diversity.
  • Contribute to a new renaissance in multicultural understanding and earth renewal, by promoting learning and excellence in many fields of human endeavor.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive model of sustainable development, community education, organic growing and environmental stewardship that is locally relevant and transferable to other parts of the world. 
  • Achieve the highest standards in healthy, energy-efficient construction and landscape design, while creating building forms that are aesthetically beautiful and representative of world architecture.
  • Ensure equitable returns on creative effort and financial investment and giving for all its stakeholders.


Physical Development and Design

  • Develop the campus village district to include the following:  global studies and sustainability institute, performing arts and multimedia venues, green building and technologies demonstration, eco-expo, innovative research facilities, healthy restaurants, ethical businesses, holistic medical institute, wellness spa complex, interfaith centre and retreat sanctuaries, sustainable farm futures centre, green residential neighbourhoods, centre for nature and the child, eco-and cultural tourism facilities, international retreat and conference centre, campus accommodation and bed and breakfasts, community and international outreach.
  • Integrate green transportation and pedestrian-friendly alternatives such as a light rail station, slow street, solar-electric carts and shuttle bus, plazas and cobble-style walkways.  
  • Improve parkway trails and access connections to eco-tourism attractions such as Scenic Canyon Park, Myra-Bellevue Park and Mission Creek Greenway. Create the natural and cultural interpretive facilities and programs envisioned for the parklands, including First Nations, Kelowna pioneer, and SE Kelowna/ Black Mountain Irrigation District history.
  • Apply green, sacred and world heritage design principles in the creation of campus village buildings and landscapes, creating a "heaven on earth" experience for residents and visitors.
  • Design for campus village self-reliance by utilizing renewable, clean energy sources and integrating sustainable approaches to food production, water conservation and sewage reclamation. 
  • Use off-site modular methods of building envelope construction to integrate campus village development into the landscape sensitively while minimizing environmental and neighbourhood impacts. 
  • Achieve through Scenic Canyon and Greenway park expansion and conservation covenants, regenerative land development and community education a net increase in biodiversity, agricultural productivity, watershed protection and wildfire safety.  Incorporate sustainable features and practices such as:  agro-forestry and selective thinning, ecological habitat restoration, organic gardens, edible shelterbelts, wildlife protection corridors and riparian buffer zones, and the creation of greenhouse and wetland-pond wastewater treatment systems.
  • Ensure that World Centre project is sensitively integrated into its larger community context in a positive way that enhances existing neighborhoods, expands the canyon area parklands, helps promote regional attractions through eco-cultural tourism and recreational improvements, and generates other benefits to the local economy and environment.

Programming and Services

  • Work with international and local partners to incorporate many of the world’s finest approaches to health, education, scientific discovery and spiritual growth, and through this synergy foster innovative programming and experimental research.
  • Create a holistic, inspirational learning environment that is open and accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and income levels.
  • Support people in developing their full potential and uplifting mind, body and spirit through participation in courses and study programs, professional training, workshops, therapeutic healing, wellness activities, creative arts, public lectures, community events and services.
  • Develop leading edge, credible, insightful programming that deals with the outer concerns of society and ecology as well as the inner world of psyche and soul.
  • Maintain a balance between cerebral and experiential learning modalities, giving an important place to creative expression, hands-on experimentation, bodywork and movement.
  • Promote multiculturalism and global unity by creating sacred space for interfaith fellowship and the celebration of world music, art, dance, architecture, theatre and literature.
  • Foster a vibrant, democratic civil society with open media expression.

  • Dedicate the heart of the campus to children and "the child inside everyone", with opportunities to engage in dynamic activities that free the life force and allow our inherent joy, curiosity, imagination and humour to blossom.

  • Provide international leadership and conference assemblies in the demonstration of whole systems and sustainable approaches for the new millennium.

  • Offer outreach services and extension programming for other Avalon community chapters, satellite projects, holistic learning centres, businesses and institutions in Canada and abroad.

  • Extend the World Centre’s programs, resources and healing services to people who are often forgotten and disregarded by society, such as the mentally challenged, prisoners, sex trade workers and homeless.

Organizational Development

  • Engage all Avalon branches and guilds, as well as our community membership and future charitable foundation, in developing the World Centre Project.
  • Create philanthropic and ethical investment opportunities for people to earn the “triple bottom line”, achieving financial returns, socio-economic benefits and environmental renewal.  Avalon is currently considering the creation a new Community Contribution Corporation for this purpose.

  • Establish a project development and management approach that demonstrates visionary leadership, authenticity, effective teamwork, professional excellence, meaningful work and loving service.
  • Work in partnership with other community-based and international partners to implement shared goals and aspirations.  We may form an association with the United Nations and the Canadian government, in which Avalon World Centre and Sustainability District is formally recognized as a unique international village where groups and individuals may come to share their gifts and learn from each other in a peaceful environment.
  • Promote among everyone involved an inspired social ethic that emphasizes loving kindness, authentic expression, community service, abundance consciousness, and the quest for truth and meaning.