Avalon will be preparing next steps for stakeholder participation in consultation with our Advisory.  These details should be available shortly.

Disclaimer:  The Avalon World Centre and Sustainability District concepts and strategies are being applied to lands in the vicinity of the Scenic Canyon Regional Park/ Mission Creek Greenway area of Kelowna and the Regional District as a possible future conservation and development scenario, which may evolve into a future Area Structure Plan.  It is presented as a proposed project in order to facilitate discussion and potential collaboration with area landowners, community interests, government agencies, international partners and other potential stakeholders.  No representations are being made by Laurel Zaseybida, Avalon Alliance Management Corp., Avalon Ecovillage Development Corp. or any other Avalon parent or subsidiary company with respect to this proposal, in particular without limitation to any matters relating to zoning, title, other legal issues or the project's ability to proceed.  No other party may rely on it for any other purpose and all liability to any such party is denied.  The World Centre and Sustainability District planning and development model, concepts and strategies were created by Avalon Alliance Inc. and as such are protected by relevant intellectual property laws and our website Terms of Use.