Avalon Healers Guild practitioners are available to work as an interdisciplinary team with our ethical workplace and green design-build professionals to provide consulting and management for health care agencies, residences and resorts on a contract basis. There is great need in society for well-designed and operated health facilities that not only conserve energy and other resources, but also optimize the talents of staff and facilitate true healing and well-being.

Whether designing a green spa resort environment, providing therapies for an integrative medical program, or improving patient-centred care for hospitals or assisted living residences, Avalon has the right kind of expertise to make a difference. We are up-to-date on the latest research in holistic medicine and innovative systems of health care (eg. Planetree model, Commonweal Cancer Help program, Sanoviv Centre, etc.) Our team members are also compassionate and dedicated to health care planning and facility design that meets the needs of body, mind and spirit.


If you are a public health agency, assisted living provider or developer of a health resort, spiritual retreat or holistic education centre, please contact our office for more information about our consulting service and for an estimate of our fees.