Whole Health and Wellness is a branch of the Avalon Alliance Management Corp. Our mission is to provide integrated, leading edge approaches to expand and transform personal growth and community health care. We help society gain a better understanding of the scientific, spiritual and energetic basis for healing and consciousness.  We are guided by Avalon’s unique ‘inside-out’ framework, our Colour-Energy Matrix for Personal Transformation and Community Sustainability.

Our interdisciplinary team also draws from healthy environmental design and cultural traditions of nutrition and natural therapies in creating our holistic education programs, healing outreach and facility development services. Our branch may evolve into Avalon Rose Wellness Corp. for the purpose of creating a network of studios, public bath/ spa complexes, holistic medical institutes and other community health-related developments locally and globally. We also intend to create the Avalon Phoenix Foundation to address the more charitable aspects of our vision.  



Our Healers Guild is a working fellowship of holistic medical professionals, bodywork practitioners, counselors, wellness coaches, intuitive healers, and community health representatives. The Avalon Alliance creates opportunities for guild members to consult and teach together and advance the cause of personal growth and healthy living in community.

Avalon has a core group of Healers Guild Associates. We are still expanding the Guild and encourage qualified applicants to inquire about becoming a member. We are taking applications for Associates with appropriate skills who are aligned with the values and standards of our Whole Health and Wellness branch. Please see our Professional/ Trade Membership section under Join Us for more information.


Our Healers Guild is guided by Avalon’s Directors and Advisory and includes the following registered guild members:

Kirsten Vinge 

Sequoia Henning

Dianna Watson

Gisela Mago-Rauguth

Diane (Dee) McHugh

Jan Mills

Josephine Okoli

Stephen Austen

Renate Geier

Shani Jauhal

Zu Peters

Faye Stroo

Davina Huey

Renate Clausen


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