The Avalon Rose Wellness Club offers a variety of exciting workshop and retreat programs that teach healthy living for people of all ages. Our registered members enjoy a 10% discount on our Wellness Club programming. Many of our programs are taught as small, relaxed classes at the Avalon Retreat Centre next to beautiful Scenic Canyon Regional Park in Kelowna. We respect diversity and aim to create a safe and loving atmosphere for all participants.  

 our membership with their transitions into adulthood, giving birth, menopause, retirement and dying. Our fall 2012 program is focused on the needs of young women; more Lifecycle Wellness programs will be announced soon.

Young Women’s Inner Power  


SHIFT PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS -  Assisting our membership with awakening to the healing power and inherent conscious intelligence of our human energy anatomy. Our personal transformation programs are guided by Avalon’s model of the  Colour-Energy Matrix for Personal Transformation and Community Sustainability. We aspire to open and balance the 13 main energy centres in our bodies, thereby accessing our higher mental, creative and spiritual potentials. Our 2012 program, “Lighten Up your Colours”, explores the first eight energy centres of the auric and chakra system.  In 2013, we will offer the more advanced second course that integrates the five other energy centres, called “Awaken Your Soul Potential”.

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Providing opportunities for our membership to learn multicultural traditions of preventative health care and healing cuisine. The collective knowledge of humanity includes thousands of years of experience in maintaining wellness. In fall 2012, we are offering an evening series on Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Healing Soups.  In Summer 2012 we offer guided journeys into Scenic Canyon Regional Park to discover its healing vortex energy and medicinal plants valued by the Okanagan Salish People. More health programs for Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian Ayurvedic, SE Asian and other cultural traditions will be announced soon.

Scenic Canyon Healing Journey


Chinese Medicine and Healing Soups