The stresses and toxins of modern living are increasingly compromising our bodies and well-being. Our health crisis is systemic in origin, with cumulative effects ranging from diet and lifestyle factors to environmental diseases linked to the industrial economy and city infrastructure. Avalon’s Ethical Marketplace and Sustainable Development branches apply regenerative ecological and energetic principles to the greening of neighbourhoods, farms, workplaces, utilities and transportation network, restoring health and vitality to these living environments. The Avalon Matrix and SHIFT methodology further explain the interrelationships between health and sustainability.

Avalon’s Holistic Healing Services are offered by our Healers Guild at our quiet Retreat Centre next to Scenic Canyon or at other associated venues. We believe in the divine force of love and the innate healing power of mind, body and spirit. Our private clients are cared for as unique individuals by an interdisciplinary team of health educators and practitioners. Our Health Recovery Intensive explores healing fundamentals and natural therapy options for people with major health challenges, which may range from motor vehicle accidents to diseases like cancer and diabetes. Personalized Coaching Services are also available to help our clients achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

In addition, our compassionate practitioners can provide some Community Outreach support for conscious birthing and dying, and for those experiencing “spiritual emergencies” in this time of awakening. We also aim over the long term to bring healing care, laughter and empowering perspectives to the mentally challenged, prisoners, homeless and others in need. Most of our outreach services will be offered on an informal voluntary contribution basis until the Avalon Phoenix Foundation is fully established.

The Avalon Rose Wellness Club
offers exciting classes and retreats to assist people of all ages and abilities learn disease prevention and develop their whole potential. We seek to uplift and harmonize both our inner and outer worlds, with three main areas of focus. Our Lifecycle Wellness programs
assist our membership with their transitions into adulthood, giving birth, menopause, retirement and dying. Our SHIFT "Lighten Up Your Colours" certificate program integrates the latest thinking in chakra energy healing and personal development. And our Multicultural Health Retreat programs draw from a wealth of global knowledge on natural healing, herbal medicine and nutritious cuisine.

Over the years, Avalon has conducted extensive research into the design and programming of wellness spas, integrative medical facilities, spiritual retreats and holistic study centres all over the world. We offer specialized project management and consulting expertise in these areas for health agencies and resort development clients. Our larger vision for the World Centre campus village includes uniquely designed and programmed health facilities incorporating the intelligence and beauty of nature. We have plans for a world-class spa retreat, public baths complex, organic restaurant club and holistic medical institute demonstrating leading edge approaches to renewing health and happiness.

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