Vicky Stefopoulou is a feng shui design expert with an intuitive gift for placement, design, colour, decorating and space clearing.  Her feng shui services have brought many positive and life-enhancing changes to her clients’ homes and businesses.  Some of her past clients have included Kelowna’s Town Center Mall, Carter and Company, Pinnacle Ventures, Remax, Coldwell Banker, as well as hundreds of homes and gardens in Western Canada.

Vicky has also been certified as a home designer with commercial applications, directing and laying out room plans for furnishings, colour coordination and placement for a variety of tastes and price ranges.  For the projects and services of Avalon’s Sustainable Development branch, she is involved at various stages of the design-build process and helps adapt homes to fit specific locations using geobiological site assessment & feng shui principles. 

Vicky grew up in a small, dynamic village in Greece near the Ionian Sea. Early in life, Vicky was raised to love the earth, respect wild and domestic animals, and learn the ways of a cooperative, self-sustaining lifestyle.  She worked in the family's olive orchards, helped raise sheep, goats and pigs, and tended to organic vegetable gardens.  She has traveled to many countries in pursuit of a greater understanding of human nature, cultural diversity and the pure pleasure of meeting and communicating with people of all races and walks of life.

As a photographer, Vicky has used her camera to document original art and sculptures in galleries and digital photo media.  She has recorded family events, personal and corporate developments in both stills and videos.  Her own photographic art reflects Vicky's sensitivity to subtle energy. She uses composition, mythology and flowers to create extraordinary visions of dreamscapes, movement and spirit.  Allowing simplicity, softness and the invisible breath of life, Vicky creates images of beauty and grace for all to enjoy, and her work has touched many people’s lives in different countries. Her photographic talents are an asset to Avalon as well, in documenting our projects and events, the progress of our clients and affiliates, and other educational applications.

Vicky is also known in the Okanagan for her lively radio and television interviews, as well as her dynamic workshops.  A modern day  "renaissance woman", Vicky likes to learn and practice new ways of doing old things. From sacred geometry to aromatherapy, tarot interpretation to soul poetry, astrology to quantum physics, Vicky is forever thirsty for new knowledge and her heart desires to be of service to humanity in any way, shape or form.  Thus she is one of the core team members for teaching the Avalon Mystery School, and brings great love and spiritual presence to community events.