Olav Felgendreher was born in Canada and subsequently raised in both Germany and Norway, where green building practices have become the norm. He established Pacific Timberworks in Coldstream in 2007, becoming an outspoken advocate for bringing the established European technologies to the Pacific Northwest.  Just as importantly, Olav has hands on experience leading crews assembling structural wood panels and integrated wood fiber insulation systems in various projects in Europe. Olav owned a home building and construction company in Germany from 1997 to 2004 before coming to Canada, where his passion for the craft can only be matched  by his enthusiasm for bringing positive change to the construction industry.

Previous projects in Europe involving cross-laminated timber and eco-friendly building materials such as wood fiber, flax, hemp and paper-based vapour retarding membranes have provided Olav with an extensive knowledge and experience base. With this background, Olav is able to provide consulting and installation services for projects in areas where this technology has not yet been fully adopted. His experience building with fabricatied structural wood panels as well as design and implementation of passivhaus structures and their related technologies will enable Avalon to incorporate these systems into future sustainable design-build projects.

Olav has both designed and built the first prefabricated structural solid wood panel home in Norht America that was manufactured in Revelstoke, B.C. This project incorporated the use of locally harvested and milled lumber for the structural wall panels and timberframe structure, European wood fiber insulation and paper based vapour retarder.

One of the large cross laminated timber manufacturers from Austria, KLH shipped panels to Canada for two projects in 2010 and 2011. Olav was tasked with taking delivery and erecting the panels for a large ocean view home in West Vancouver, B.C. and a large office building in Montreal, Quebec.

Other areas of work experience include general construction management, architectural millwork, log building and timber framing. Whenever possible, Olav's stewardship of green building principles are utilized, as are his outstanding capacities as a master craftsman.

The principles guiding Avalon's development are very much in line with Olav's desire to help ensure future construction in the Pacific Northwest moves in a more sustainable direction.

Olav looks forward to bringing his 30 odd years of experience as a certified master carpenter to Avalon's future endeavors.