Morganne Keplar has a varied, eclectic background in fields ranging from organic horticulture and "zero waste" reduction strategies to green real estate and children's education projects. As a project manager, facilitator, educator, researcher and advisor at municipal, community and private business levels, she holds an optimistic yet practical vision. She believes that through collaborative pursuits of holistic living, social justice and sustainable practices, we will rise to the local and global challenges that are before us. With this in mind, she follows her passion and sets her talents to work for a productive outcome, whether it is through her employment positions or her volunteer capacities.

Having grown up on an active mixed farm in Alberta, she felt a kinship to nature and sensed the importance of local food production. She also realized her ability to work hard, take responsibility and get things done. Working directly in animal husbandry and the operation of field machinery for crop production and harvesting gave her a sense of empowerment somewhat unaccustomed to her gender. In her teens and early twenties the direction of her education took her to commercial floriculture and horticulture with work in flower shops, greenhouses, landscape development, ground maintenance and management of food production through hydroponics. She won awards for her floral design submissions on a provincial level and owned her own floral shop in Cochrane, Alberta. She later developed and taught florist courses at two of the Vancouver Community College campuses.

Taking a different direction in her late 20's, Morganne embarked on an eleven year chapter of esthetics and skincare. Upon finishing her schooling she worked in various salons and spas and was a technical advisor for Clayton Shagal skin care products. She established "About Face Esthetics" upon moving to Bowen Island. She taught esthetics at the Cosmetology Schools of Canada and the Vancouver Community College over a seven year span. She set up the first esthetic salon for Christian Dior in western Canada at The Bay in downtown Vancouver in 1991.

In 1993 Morganne transitioned into another field, working directly on the construction and renovation of homes and multifamily dwellings. With her sense of aesthetics and practical nature, it was then an easy and natural step to do both interior and landscape design consulting. She became project manager for a commercial building, and on other construction sites acted as a multi-faceted designer, liason and coordinator with the trades and homeowners.  She managed budgets and material needs and scheduling. Morganne won two awards for her landscape design in the single family dwellings category in the North Shore annual landscape and garden contest.

As time passed, Morganne came to a greater understanding of how things were built and configured in their envelope and surrounding environment, what materials were being used, the size of the building's footprint and impact on the local and global environment. These factors determine the building's energy requirement, their longevity and their livability. They also determine the householder's connectivity to their surrounding community members and their resulting sense of security and well being. She gained the general concepts of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) and BuiltGreen Building regulations and standards. She continues to look for new building materials and techniques to support positive and responsible land use.

Morganne has also been employed as an independent consultant in sustainable practices and real estate development. Her role as project team leader was to develop an evaluation matrix and subdivision presentation, which was given to the Bowen Island council and staff as part of a rezoning appication for an eighty acre parcel of land.  This "green" development was the first of its kind on Bowen Island.

In 2008 and 2009 her work brought her to another important stage of creating change within her community. She was approached to act as the Community Outreach Liaison and Coordinator, to provide information sessions on a polarized and controversial six hundred acre neighbourhood plan and rezoning application. Facilitating twelve gatherings, informing and guiding the developers, presenting sustainability practices to community interest groups and the Bowen Island Municipality, was one of her most exciting and challenging positions to date.

In 2011, Morganne was contracted to undertake a comprehensive waste management study and report to present to the community and to the Bowen Island Municipal Staff and Council.  The report outlined various options, strategies and recommendations for resource recovery that can capture and use all possible organic material on the island. This also proved to be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Morganne's education continues on a regular basis. She participates in workshops, conferences, lectures and specific site visits that focus on healthy community practices including "zero waste" recycling and resource recovery, sustainable food production, ecovillages and affordable housing design. Most of her continuing education has taken place in Vancouver and surrounding regions, but she has managed to attend events in Alberta, the USA, the UK and Europe as well. The need to build resilient, conscious and resourceful communities and businesses, especially in the light of depleting natural resources, climate change and increasing social disconnect keeps her determined to be involves in solutions to address these concerns.

Through her work and volunteerism, Morganne's inclusive engagement of local stakeholders draws on their knowledge and expertise to assist them to explore options, lay out the project's scope and begin the pracical steps to move forward in a timely manner to accomplish their desired goals. Her approach fosters enthusiasm, expands knowledge, and builds capacity and ownership of the work to be done. Morganne's nature is respectful, positive, collaborative and innovative.

In twenty years of living on Bowen Island, Morganne has raised two daughters and been involved in their education and activities and managed to be of service on community boards, committees and projects. Some examples are the Bowen Island Recycling Depot, The Tir-na-nog Theatre School, The Bowen Island Pre-School, The Island Pacific School, and Municipal Sustainablility Advisory and Working Group, the Affordable Housing Working Group and the Bowen Rotary Club. Morganne was the front line person to bring in twenty seven new students, taking the enrollment from twenty five to fifty two, thus saving a small and unique middle grade school on Bowen Island from closure. Morganne has initiated Compost Bowen, Zero Waste Bowen and The Knick Knack Nook Re-Use-It Store Society. She was project manager for the construction of the Bowen's Children Center working with over five hundred volunteers. She played a major role in securing funding, orchestrating land clearing and building construction stages of the Re-Use-it Store.

In 2012 Morganne volunteered in Guatemala for The Somos Project, with its ongoing process of creating an ecovillage for abandoned and orphan children. Using permaculture strategies, earth-bag constructions and other sustainable techniques for their buildings, fences and food production was an easy fit for her one month work experience there. Morganne also achieved two Permaculture Design Certificates through an extensive seven week hands on design/ build process in Cuba and later 23 day work/ study program in Permaculture and Earth-Bag Construction with the California based Cal-Earth (The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture). She was privileged and fortunate as well to have two days with world renown permaculture expert Geoff Lawton now of Jordan, formerly practising and teaching permaculture in Australia, the founding center of permaculture philosophy and practice in the 1970's.

It is with this zest to be of service that Morganne offers her deep commitment to the holistic approaches and sustainable living practices of the Avalon Alliance. Morganne is a global thinker, a world traveller in thirty-five countries and a weaver of human connections. She especially wants to promote progressive diversity in education, create loving environments for all persons and formulate self-sustaining local based solutions. She offers her mentoring and varied skills to Avalon clients and projects, in developing healthy and resilient community life in ecovillages and neighbourhoods both here and abroad.