Kimron Rink is an architectural and environmental design consultant with degrees in environmental studies, psychology and architecture.  His life purpose is to create healthy, ecologically aware communities by developing and integrating the components that enable communities to flourish on a sustainable basis.  In this regard, he has spent 35 years designing and building these components from healthy, energy-efficient, solar-tempered buildings to human-scale, resource-efficient neighbourhoods.

Kimron is the founder of ECO-TEK Ecological Technologies, an innovative company through which he applies his wide academic background and experience in ecologically sustainable design strategies, passive solar building construction and project management.  He uses ecologically engineered technologies and natural strategies to reduce, recycle, and re-use "reclaimed water" from sewage.  ECO-TEK also uses the  innovative technology of the Solar Aquatic System (SAS) to increase local food and plant fiber production, restore local ecosystems and create meaningful jobs.  The SAS is an advanced aquatic ecosystem that converts sewage wastewater into high quality water, recovering nutrients and developing efficient water re-use/ irrigation networks.

Kimron has been designing and building green homes and buildings since 1976, and has been a member of the Canadian Green Building Council, Windsong Co-housing Association, among others.  He has been involved in designing many local and international water sustainability projects including the following:  New Prairie Farm-Water Harvesting Project (Oxbow, SK); Centre for Integrated Research on Sustainability SAS (UBC Vancouver); Christina Living Arts Centre SAS (Christina Lake, BC); Cynthia Solar Aquatics (Cynthia, AB); Water Resource Plan (New Clarendon, Jamaica); CIDA-funded Rio Almendares SAS Project (Havana, Cuba); CIDA-funded Oasis Project (Jordon Valley, Middle East); and Englishman River SAS (Errington, BC). He also has experience in Asia, completing some studies in Hong Kong during his early architectural days and more recently being invited through Industry Canada on a business tour of several cities in China. 

Kimron brings his green architectural skills to Avalon's Design-Build team, as well as his extensive ECO-TEK team experience in planning, building, training and maintenance procedures for the Solar Aquatic System.  He will collaborate with fellow Avalon associates in our ecovillage development services and other sustainability initiatives, including SAS applications and potential improvements to water revitalization and flow monitoring. Our aspiration will be to develop the full potential of regenerating water, reclaiming nutrients, and fostering productive ecosystem ponds and permaculture landscapes.