Garth Thomson is an environmental professional with a long history of studying and working with natural systems, community social structures and personal spirituality. He believes that society is letting go of a culture of fear-based power and control dynamics and moving into a culture of vitality, personal responsibility, cooperation and mutual support.  The culture we are moving into is about sharing leadership roles and nurturing and maintaining a spirit that is connected to life, resilience, friendliness and love.  

Garth's childhood as a military officer's son at the military headquarters of NATO during the peak of the Cold War gives him a very strong motivation to move away from the kind of nightmarish world that way of thinking can create.  His passion for staying connected to the spirit of things came fully to life in 1984 when he embraced the spiritual master Osho's approach to consciousness, love and healing.  Osho has inspired him ever since and has given him a very real taste of the kind of world we are now collectively moving towards.

Garth has a B.Sc. in Forestry with considerable work experience in hydrology and watershed assessment. He has also worked conducting forest, range, geophysical and geochemical inventories in the field. He has nearly completed a Diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems at the University of Victoria, and has worked on environmental stewardship projects including wetland and watershed restoration. His interest in sustainability-related issues has also had him reducing waste, conserving energy and building local food security professionally since the mid 1990's.  

His interest in women's issues has been and still is strong. He has worked in a women's shelter and spent a few years in the field of of counselling men convicted of assault against their femaie partners. His well-rounded perspective has also been enhanced by a Master Practictioner's certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as studies in 'A Course in Miracles' and energy healing modalities like Quantum Touch, Healing Pathways and Reiki.  If meditation had a degree, he'd likely have had one many times over!

In 2001, Garth founded his own business, Natural Communications, teaching strategies for personal, business, social, and environmental success based on the way nature functions.  Garth is interested in participating in Avalon projects, programs and services in any way that promotes the kind of success that is inclusive of others and the non-human environment as well. He developed a biomimicry model for human relations that he's also seeing expressed in the Transition Towns movement (  He has been partipating in the local Transition initiative and has set up the first Reproductive and Sexual Health Working Group inspired by this model, as well as a satellite project entitled 'Men for Love'.  He is also passionate about 'Open Space collaboration', and brings to Avalon innovative communication techniques to help create balanced systems and a harmonious community culture.