Angela Reid-Nagy started her career at the age of 18 as the Grants Coordinator for the Mission Creek Greenway Project in the City of Kelowna, where she began learning about the negative environmental and health impacts of "business as ususal".  From this point on, Angela knew that she would eventually start a business to help protect the environment.  After many years of working in project management, business development, marketing and public relations, she realized that the best way to have the most impact would be to build and promote the business case for sustainability.  

In 2001, Angela joined GEOtivity, an international company specializing in wastewater infrastructure performance monitoring, and was involved in managing projects, expanding sales territories, and developing new business opportunities.  In 2006, she formed her own consulting company Tigress Ventures focused on promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility and economic success.  More recently, she acts as the Vice President of Biostreet Canada, and the CEO of GreenStep Sustainability Coaching.  She has lived and travelled extensively throughout Canada and the United States, working with many levels of business and government agencies on a variety of wastewater engineering, energy efficiency, biofuel and environmental projects.

Always active in the community, Angela has sat on the Board and volunteered for HOSOTO House Society, an organization working to house and train homeless people.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Okanagan Greens Society, the Alberta Biodiesel Association and is a founding member of the Okanagan Environmental Industry Alliance.  She also sits on the Economic Sustainability Committee of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.  She ran as a Green Party candidate in several provincial and federal elections, and in November 2008, she was elected to Kelowna City Council.  She has also been trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to deliver the "Climate Reality Project" presentations on a volunteer basis.

Angela today has more than fifteen years of experience in a professional business environment and substantial hands-on political knowledge.  This experience, combined with her natural entrepreneurial spirit, has proven to be a winning combination.  She is emerging as a leading speaker on many topics related to sustainability.  On a personal level, she enjoys making music, growing gardens and athletic pursuits.  As part of Avalon's faculty and team of consultants, she finds many ways to express her diverse talents and fulfill her life purpose in creating a world where people, business, and the environment thrive in balance with each other.