Alice was a stay at home mom to her daughter, Andrea, and son, Justin, until Justin started school.  In 1989, while enrolled in an English course she wrote a paper entitled “Awareness promotes Change”!  It seemed that there wasn’t much emphasis on anything about sustainability back then other than some recycling measures and some “natural” house cleaning solutions like baking soda and vinegar!  However, the environment and the whole idea of stewardship has always been of great interest to Alice.

In 1995 she became a vegetarian for ethical reasons as well as health reasons.  She had learned that many more people can be fed if we at least ate less meat and that North Americans consumed at least 80% of the earth’s resources and that much of that was to produce the animal food we eat.

During the years her children were growing up, Alice was a Hospital Unit Clerk.  She worked at the Rocky View Hospital and the Holy Cross in Calgary and then at Kelowna General Hospital for 12 years.  She also taught the Unit Clerk Course at Summit Career College for 2 semesters and graduated some great Unit Clerks as a result.

In 2005 she became a Licensed Realtor and in 2008 became interested in Green Real Estate.  There was a course offered through Royal LePage and NAGAB (the National Association of Green Agents and Brokers) so she became an accredited “Green Agent” reflecting her love and respect for our beautiful Okanagan Valley.   Alice is also an "award-winning" Realtor.  She has received the President’s Gold Award twice and this year, in one of the worst real estate market in decades, she has achieved the next level, a Platinum Award.  She is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and truly understands the unique needs of this growing and dynamic segment of the population.

Some of the organizations and interests that have been a part of her life over the last decade  are TRACS ( the Responsible Animal Care Society), the Okanagan Health Forum, Toastmasters, JusNexDoor (her home-based church), Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Craig Proctor Coaching and Seminars and Brian Buffini Coaching and Seminars. She is a devoted pet owner and at the present time has a faithful little canine friend, named Bella, who accompanies her almost everywhere she goes.  Alice and her husband Michael both enjoy learning about and contributing to environmental causes and community sustainability. While she never dreamed of being a career politician, she responded to the local need to become the Kelowna-Lake Country candidate for the Green Party in the last federal election. 

Alice brings her green real estate expertise, marketing and networking skills, to the projects and services of Avalon's Sustainable Development branch.  Her passionate advocacy for animal welfare and local food security are also an asset, as well as her leadership training approaches for the Avalon guilds and community membership.   She is promoting the re-use of clothing materials in a new green hats enterprise. She is fluent in Dutch language and has a good understanding of sustainable planning and design initiatives in Europe.  Alice believes that as a member of the Avalon Alliance she is planted in fertile ground.