Avalon's comprehensive SHIFT methodology ensures that community energy planning treats the built environment as a whole system and supports integration and stakeholder engagement across multiple sectors. We have also developed a combined assessment, design-build and educational marketing process for implementing community energy projects. Avalon's sustainable development branch operates as a guild of design and management professionals with green industry affiliates. Clean energy solutions and educational demonstrations are important aspects of our broad-based sustainability initiatives and services. Our clients range from government agencies, NGOs and First Nations to land resource developers, real estate owners, businesses and farms.

Avalon supports the efficient local production and distribution of heat and electricity to users within a neighbourhood or commnity. District energy systems incorporating net metering of renewable energy sources are now being promoted by major power utilities in Canada. Avalon can green retrofit and interconnect urban buildings to become "community economic generators". UBC's Sustainability Research Centre has also described the enormous export potential to enter the trillion-dollar global market for greening urban infrastructure. Cities everywhere are on the move with new policies, funding incentives and infrastructure investment to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

The integrated approach to building design and energy management has produced great successes worldwide. For example, the Passivhaus Standard that evolved in Europe has created homes and buildings that generate more power to the grid than they consume ("energy plus"). At the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, their south-facing building complex is so energy-efficient that the interiors maintain a comfortable temperature soley from the sunlight admitted plus the body temperature of the people who work there, even with local -40 degree F winters. In the Global South there are many traditional building designs that incorporate naturally ingenious energy solutions, such as wind-cooling towers and earthen walls with high insulation values. Affordable appropriate technologies like solar cooking ovens can be added to climate adaptive building design to effectively meet the needs of many of the world's people.

Avalon goes beyond energy generation and heat recovery opportunities for individual buildings to wider-scale, cross-sectoral solutions. We can help communities make additional reductions in energy use through compact mixed-use neighbourhood design, alternative transportation, ecologically engineered utilities, sustainable agriculture and landscaping strategies. We believe that the world already has the know-how and capacity to make a rapid transition from nuclear power and fossil fuels to renewable, living sources of energy. Avalon specializes in whole systems innovation and streamlined certification processes so that our clients can achieve standards of excellence and successfully execute projects in a timely way.

Our Integrated Community Energy Services include project management and consulting support for:

  • Feasibility and impact evaluation, planning and project implementation for geothermal, geo-exchange, solar thermal, photovoltaric, wind, micro0hydro, tidal & other renewable energy resources.
  • Research & development applications of cutting edge technologies based in electro-magnetism, energy catalysts & vortex mechanics.
  • Integrated community energy studies & action plans to implement cross-sectoral solutions.
  • District scale energy systems for urban revitalization areas, new planned development & ecovillages.
  • Independent power producing opportunties that contribute to the sustainability of the region.
  • Off-the-grid energy solutions in remote locations. 

Avalon has been developing core integrated technology systems to facilitate optimal energy performance, health and productivity for new planned developments and ecovillages. These innovative solutions include: our Ecological Landscape Utility System (ELUS), Green Building Technologies System (GBTS), Sustainable Farming Support System (SFSS), and Building Energy Harmonizer System (BEHS). 


Geothermal energy from within the Earth is a renewable, reliable source of electricity and heat that can continuously deliver power (base-load). Geothermal energy has been described as having the potential to provide all the electricity needed worldwide. Compared to other power sources it has a small environmental footprint. While the geothermal industry is rapidly expanding in many countries, Canada has yet to complete a geothermal facility due to a historic lack of government stimulus, although several have been under development. As power utilities are now experiencing increasing demand, there is greater political and community support for independent power projects in western and northern Canada.

Avalon has studied technological developments in the geothermal industry and believes it can contribute to further innovation and diverse community applications of this valuable resource. The investor risks associated with resource identification and test well drilling can be addressed by forming governmental, utility and community partnerships at the early stage of exploration. Avalon has a strong commitment to sustainable resource development that brings real "win-win" benefits to the economy, social culture and enviroment of a region.

Our integrated project development and certification process uses a phased assessment, planning, design-build and educational approach to achieve energy resource stewardship, environmental restoration and healthy community living over the long term. We believe our collaborative approaches and high standards for sustainablilty can contribute to the success of geothermal projects. While technical feasibility and sufficient capitalization are important factors, geothermal ventures also need to generate broad-based benefits and support. 

For example, a binary turbine power facility that generates electricity for the electricity grid can be designed with infastructure to transfer waste heat to other direct uses. Direct use applications of geothermal energy can be economic generators for community development and may include: year round greenhouses, aquaculture operations, health spas, hot spring resorts, recreational ski areas, residential/ ICI space heating and district energy systems. Many towns, villages and First Nations communities in the vicinity of geothermal resources could benefit form these direct-use opportunities.

Avalon's green design-build associates and affiliated technology companies will collaborate with geothermal leaseholders, local community interests, government agencies and power utilities to facilitate project development in regions with high geothermal potential. We welcome expressions of interest from international industry leaders in geophysical feasibility testing and infastructure engineering. We will work across multiple sectors to incorporate direct heating uses into Clean Energy Plans, Integrated Community Sustainability Plans or District Energy Systems. We can also create a mixed resource strategy that combines geothermal heat and electricity generation with solar energy and other renewables.


Growing demand for clean energy technologies, environmental learning and green building training systems have spawned the formation of many research and demonstration centres.  Examples include the New Alchemy Institute in the U.S., Pembina Institute in Alberta, and the UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability.  The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales is a major tourist attraction for the country, as is the Eden Project in England, which draws more than a million visitors a year to its environmental technology and stewardship exhibits in huge biome greenhouses.

Avalon believes that the adoption of green energy and building solutions can be dramatically increased by having direct public exposure and active engagement with innovative products and services.  We intend to create a design studio and technology demonstration site in Kelowna to feature the sustainability services of our design-build professionals and green technology products of our affiliated suppliers.  Avalon will also create green exposition opportunities in our events like the New Renaissance Faires. Educational Discovery Centres are an integral part of our SHIFT ecovillage development and marketing process for Avalon-certified projects, which may be located anywhere in the world.

Our proposed Educational Discovery and Green Expo facilities will teach local residents and tourists about ‘green value’ by offering hands-on learning opportunities. Special exhibits and promotions, installation and maintenance demonstrations, collaborative research and training seminars will be developed.  Product education and marketing will be actively linked with prospective homeowners, students, businesses and the real estate and construction industry.  We also offer our services to municipal and regional parks and historical sites that wish to increase facility revenues, energy savings, visitor traffic and events programming with green technology retrofits, exhibits and public demonstrations.

Avalon invites our Green Design-Build professionals, trades and technology product suppliers to participate and consider becoming sponsors. The products and services of all our guild associates and affiliates have already been approved on the basis of being high quality, ethical and leading edge. Our professional/ trade guild members enjoy state-of-the-art learning and work opportunities, as well as exposure in Avalon’s website, as part of our standard benefits. By making a significant contribution of products, services or funds to our first Green Discovery Expo initiative in Kelowna, our sponsors will gain even more public recognition, marketing and media exposure related to the exhibits and programming of this facility. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for our affiliated green companies to train more tradespeople that are qualified to install and maintain their product lines. Avalon is also seeking partnership with relevant educational institutions and trade unions.

For more details on how to participate in advancing these initiatives, please contact our office.