Nature is abundant and sacred, and provides countless gifts and services that sustain all life on this planet. However, humanity continues to withdraw and degrade ecological resources from the "bank of nature" as if they were unlimited assets, with little regard for replacement or restoration. Conventional accounting treats natural systems as "externalities", which effectively translates as "free for the taking".

Green businesses, industries and institutions have sought to remedy this gross imbalance by using new economic strategies like "full cost accounting" and "life cycle analysis" to valuate natural capital and environmental impacts. While nature is fundamentally priceless, the intent to financially recognize and appreciate ecological services is a good start. Such life support services include: climate regulation, water supply, plant pollination, biodiversity, soil formation, waste treatment, air pollution control, recreation and many others. Natural capital can be very costly and difficult to replace when compromised.
Avalon believes that adopting best practices and restoring nature should be essential functions of any enterprise. As well, biological systems should be incorporated into built design as eco-engineering solutions to the needs of humans and other species. Our green design-build professionals can offer a wide range of sustainable management, environmental restoration and educational services to private and public sectors in Canada and abroad. 

Avalon's comprehensive SHIFT methodology ensures as integrated assessment, design and management approach for resource stewardship initiatives and restoration projects. We support value-added sustainable resource enterprises that contribute to local economies.

Our Services include project management and consulting support for:

  • Ecological habitat restoration of public &  private properties adversely affected by deforestation, industry, mining or other forms of development.
  • Community watershed plans and stream corridor protection.
  • Environmentally Sensitive Area inventories and conservation strategies.
  • Regional state of the environment policy development, research & monitoring.
  • Local & global environmental and climate change education projects.
  • Parks & greenway planning, including design for sustainable recreational use and natural and cultural history interpretation.
  • International protected areas that integrate conservation with development.
  • Sustainable range management & agro-forestry, including value-added enterprises for community economic development.
  • Resource use conflict mediation programs.
  • Clearing of geopathic stress zones, wastewater, soil and air pollution using biological and energetic transformation technologies.
  • Co-creative design of built systems and landscapes using geomancy & attunement to nature's intelligence & processes.


Avalon offers related sustainable landscape design and construction services to clients in the residential and ICI sectors (industrial, commercial and institutional). We can also provide landscaping support to new green developments or revitalization projects, with professional team competencies in achieving our SHIFT certification and other leading standards.  We enjoy creating extraordinary landscapes with our clients in a collaborative way. Please download our pdf brochure on Avalon Gardens of Paradise Services Guide (pdf) for complete details. 


Avalon also intends to create opportunities for our community membership and youth groups to engage in volunteer efforts to restore degraded natural areas by planting new trees, building fish spawning beds, cleaning up trails and other activities. Our Stewardship Brigade will first focus on improving the environment in the vicinity of Scenic Canyon Regional Park and the south slopes area that was affected by the 2003 Kelowna wildfire. Our Avalon community members are welcome to propose additional initiatives for future stewardship efforts, bioth locally and internationally. We also invite business sponsors and agency partners to help support our stewardship projects.