Sustainability is currently understood in abstract philosophical terms and as a set of best practices. Various ethical business, sustainable community and green building models have been developed over the years, such the Natural Step framework, Smart Growth programs and LEED building certification. Municipalities, corporations and development projects receive professional guidance, public recognition and other benefits from these training and certification programs.

Common themes and strategies include:

  • Protecting natural areas, biodiversity and life-support systems
  • Striking a balance between the economy, environment and society
  • Addressing social justice and equity issues between people and nations
  • Giving ethical regard to the needs of future generations
  • Using energy, land, water and other resources more efficiently
  • Exploring transportation alternatives to the conventional vehicle
  • Reducing pollution and gases that contribute to global warming
  • Promoting recycling, re-use and reclamation of waste
  • Managing population and regional growth patterns
  • Incorporating green technologies and products into design
  • Reducing consumerism and promoting simpler living

While all of these approaches reflect important goals and are steps in the right direction, the solutions still reflect some of the assumptions of the old industrial worldview and scientific materialism. As Albert Einstein said, “we can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that created them”. Most people assume that we must manage the planet better and change destructive technologies in order to avert further crisis and scarcity. This may be true on one level, but what exactly are we managing and fixing? Are humans beings really standing alone as the "thinking species" responsible for both creating and solving this predicament? Does there not exist a greater awareness of unity or oneness that transcends the conditioned perspectives of the human brain?


Avalon suggests that there has been too much emphasis on "techno-fix" solutions, and not enough on understanding the transformative power inherent in ourselves and the universe. What if all life is based in a holographic matrix of immense intelligence and source energy that can be consciously accessed by everyone? Physicist John A.Wheeler, among others, tried to achieve Einstein’s vision of a unified field theory, and proposed that we may "regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals." According to the director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Neil Turok, holographic cosmology has far-reaching implications and is “probably the biggest breakthrough in gravitational physics of the last 30 years”.  

Spiritually-oriented individuals have suggested that the coherent love of God is what holds this informational energy field together as "holy creation". The holographic principle implies that we can find the whole in the part, or as the poet William Blake put it, see "the world in a grain of sand".  Not only can this insight assist us in our efforts to restore the planet, but it can also bring people more hope and peace of mind.

The Avalon SHIFT Sustainability Framework was derived from our Colour-Energy Matrix.  We propose that the tumultuous pace of change over the last century is part of an evolutionary quickening process that is taking us to the threshold of a new paradigm and new earth. We humans could choose to see ourselves as divinely conscious beings connected with all life, instead of victims of a runaway global economy. We are capable of creating in a synchronistic way with the universe and making powerful, compassionate choices to transform current conditions.

Avalon’s programs, services and projects integrate timeless wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions with cutting edge scientific research from new physics and biology, ecological systems theory and holistic medicine. We transform the current theory and practice of sustainable community development with our expanded whole-systems perspective. Our upcoming "Book of Avalon" is a guide to the gemetric keys of our logo mandala and other Avalon approaches to help people make an integral leap.  

We are also developing a comprehensive certificate program entitled: “The Avalon Sustainability Framework - Making the SHIFT to the New Earth". The course curriculum provides the blueprint for the next evolution of sustainability, and explores the following themes of our exciting model:

  • The Unified Field/ Sacred Geometry/ Fractals and Holograms
  • Universal Processes and Natural Patterns of Creation
  • Evolutionary Changes in Consciousness/ Avalon Quantum Talk
  • Avalon Colour-Energy Matrix for Personal Transformation and Community Sustainability
  • Avalon Holon Power Points of Choice and Action:  Personal Development, Co-creative Stewardship, Healthy Home, Ethical Workplace, Integrated Ecovillage Neighbourhood, Sustainable Community, Peaceful Planet
  • Avalon SHIFT Methodology and Process:  Sustainable, Harmonic, Integrated, Feasible, Transformative

*Please note that the Colour-Energy Matrix Model, SHIFT Framework and all our derivative works (projects, integrated systems, services and programs) are proprietary to Avalon.  Please see our Website Terms of Use.