In 2019 we will be launching a new website, Avalon SHIFT digital platform and social network, with expanded services and innovative programs, to help create the kind of life and community people really want!

While the Avalon Alliance has always promoted a well-rounded approach to creating sustainable community, many people still think of us as a professional consulting and project development group.  We are that, but much more!  This comprehensive website expands on Avalon's leading edge sustainability model to inspire people and transform community through projects, services, programs and events that encompass all aspects of life.  We also introduce our extraordinary vision of a Sustainability District and World Centre campus village that advances conscious living, global peace, whole health, green design and environmental education. Our new website for 2019 will be more user-friendly for mobile devices.

We are further developing a variety of Community membership categories as well as our seven Professional/ Trade member guilds, so that there are many ways for citizens to become engaged in Avalon initiatives. We promote holistic learning, heart-based activism and integrated design-build systems, to facilitate progressive changes for individuals as well as for workplaces, neighbourhoods and city regions.  Now, the upcoming Avalon SHIFT platform is all about "you" living your highest potential and all that "we" can do together to create a better world. Please support Avalon and enjoy the many benefits of active participation by
registering to become a member.

Our Community and Professional/ Trade members are automatically subscribed to Avalon Quest E-News when they register. Non-members can also keep in touch with Avalon's latest projects, programs and services through our
free subscription to Avalon Quest E-news and by connecting to our social network sites. We will continue to add exciting new features and updates to our website and social media, so please visit us on a regular basis.

Registered Professional/ Trades associates, Ethical Marketplace affiliates and Community clients and supporters will not only be connected online but can engage, learn and prosper from many “real life opportunities” that are generated by the Avalon Alliance membership.  We invite you to join us and enjoy special discounts on our unique programming, services and events that continue to grow with our faculty, consultants and community chapters.  We are here to serve you, and welcome the involvement of local and international partners, sponsors, investors and volunteers in evolving our initiatives.