New edition of the award-winning book, "Breakthrough Power", is now available, and another book by Jeane coming soon!

To help the public learn about outside-the-box clean energy inventions, an updated edition of Breakthrough Power ( has been launched. This exciting book was written by Avalon Alliance associate Jeane Manning and her co-author Joel Garbon. These emerging alternatives can be dramatically more game-changing than well-known choices such as solar, wind and biofuels, and some people describe the little-known alternatives as “free energy”.

According to Manning and Garbon, society’s choices for the near future include energy systems that exist in a variety of prototypes -- super-efficient magnetic motors, “fractional hydrogen”, resonant electrical circuits and other ways of tapping into the background energy of the universe. Insiders call them “advanced” systems, but when understood they fit into a small-is-beautiful category.

Both established scientists and lone inventors are learning secrets of magnetism in order to generate electricity. For instance, a nano-tech expert (specialist in extremely small materials) photographed microscopic whirlwinds of magnetic fields on finely powdered metal and says the images may explain a more-output-than-input electrical device he witnessed; tiny magnetic vortices may tap into limitless energy from the universe.

Canadian inventor Al Francoeur found an innovative way to manipulate magnetism in building a super-efficient electrical generator. He studies nature for insights; a rare “standing wave” on a lake taught him the secrets of a revolutionary electrical circuit. (From insights to market is a huge leap, however, so lone inventors need help.)

Another type of breakthrough accesses abundant power at the atomic level without involving radioactive materials. American scientist Randell Mills connects hydrogen with catalysts in a way that releases hundreds of times more energy than burning hydrogen would ( Http://BlacklightPower.Com).

In October, 2011, Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi demonstrated his own “Energy Catalyst”, co-invented by a University of Bologna professor. A container lined with his fist-sized E-Cats put out a half of a megawatt (average of 470 kilowatts for more than five hours.) He says it could mean power for a penny per kilowatt-hour. Rossi’s business is having problems, but a Greek company is racing to bring their own version of the E-Cat to market.

Chief scientist of a NASA base in the USA, Dennis Bushnell, said "…I think this (Energy Catalyst type of technology) will go forward fairly rapidly now. If it does, this is capable of, by itself, completely changing geo-economics, geo-politics, and solving climate issues."

Bushnell’s vision echoes Breakthrough Power’s subtitle: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. Manning’s previous book The Coming Energy Revolution may have been ahead of its time; it was published in 1996 by Avery Publishing Group of New York. Her books have been published in six languages, and now Breakthrough Power is being translated into Chinese, Italian, Turkish and Polish as well as German.

Jeane Manning’s university degree is in sociology and her background includes reporting for Okanagan newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Co-author Garbon is an industrial scientist, but instead of writing for techies the co-authors focus on the big picture of unorthodox energy inventors and inventions, what they could mean for our everyday lives and why an energy revolution can’t happen without a consciousness revolution.

Garbon says “No politician seems to understand ‘energy revolution’, nor do their advisors.” The authors – and the scientists they interview  -- conclude that the public will have to demand access to low-cost clean energy. They also call for high-level planning for a transition to new jobs that clean up Earth and build a more peaceful civilization.

The first edition of
Breakthrough Power won a silver medal in the Independent Publishers’ 2009 competition for Best Book of the Year in the category Most Likely to Save the Planet. The second edition of Breakthrough Power is distributed in Canada by Red Tuque Books of Penticton BC, and to USA wholesalers by Book-Hub Inc.