Sean Shepherd is an international award winning cultural entrepreneur, graphic artist, communications consultant and brand specialist. Over the past 15 years Sean has helped launch Maxim Magazine in North America, promote Harry Potter in Canada, create and produce the electronic music portion of the Montreal Jazz Festival, create and produce the intermedia Duotone Arts Festival, and has won multiple awards for his creative branding, graphic design and public relations work. He has degreed from McGill Theoretical Linguistics, Cultural Studies and one in Graphic Design. He has published 1000s of sentences, produced 100s of integrated media campaigns, designed and project managed over 50 enterprise digital solutions, created dozens of brands and recieved several international, national and regional awards for his work and various projects. Currently, he is running his own commmunications company, Nucleus Strategies, based in Kelowna, BC, specializing in brand and communications strategy.  Sean has played a major role in aspects of visual branding and development of the Avalon website.