We are now forming an Avalon Quest Studio Initiative to produce educational media that raises consciousness and catalyzes action towards sustainability, reflecting our integrated SHIFT approach. While there are many excellent resources available in print form, we see a need for more inspiring video film production, software applications, 3-D design programs and e-seminars. The exciting multimedia technologies of today are often applied towards films and video games with violent battles, car chases, stark concrete cities and other scenes of a doomsday future.

Our Progressive Media Guild, community partners and clients seek to counter this disturbing trend through audio-visual media creations that envision and enable a better world. The rising use of laptops, internet TV and mobile devices (smart phones and iPads) creates new edu-tainment opportunities in the form of downloadable apps, podcasts and the like. While new media technologies are not a replacement for interpersonal relationships and real life engagement, they can be a helpful, efficient aid for multi-sensory learning, visualization and strategy.

The planning and design process for Avalon projects can be enhanced through the use of virtual world simulation programs. From GIS-based visualization and analysis that help make informed decisions about land-use planning and resource management, to building information modeling (BIM) that create more sustainable designs, there are now multiple tools available for use by our design professionals and clients.

Our membership can even participate in developing a virtual world site where participants can move through and change architecture and landscape designs and interact in 3-D sustainability training programs. Moreover, Avalon can also make use of animated biofeedback training modules in its programs for stress management and guided meditation, using interactive hardware to explore the mind-body connection.  

Ultimately, our vision for the World Centre campus village includes showcase applications for new media technology.  Our design for an edu-tainment theatre complex is an exciting alternative to conventional cinema.  We aim to create an uplifting multi-sensory experience and enhance audience interaction.  The proposed facility also includes a 3-D animation and virtual world studio for educational and planning design purposes.

Avalon invites project partners from the following sectors:

  • Film Boards or Commissions
  • Entertainment Arts and Media Technology Schools
  • Motion Picture and Animation Studios
  • Leading Software Production Companies