Democratic discourse and higher learning opportunities are essential to authentic civil society. Many legitimate voices are excluded from mainstream media. Avalon is committed to creating opportunities for citizens to explore “the truth of the matter”, to stand up and speak out. Whether it be thought-provoking debate on current events, effective strategies for environmental protection, or profound insights from spiritual leaders, we promote access to leading resources for change and some of the best journalism available.

The Avalon Quest E-news and Editorial offers a refreshingly positive outlook on our global future, stimulating personal growth and constructive community activism. Our complimentary e-news provides updates on Avalon’s events, projects and opportunities. Find us on the social network by linking to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr. The Avalon World Café will also be created as both a live and web-based membership forum to exchange ideas and build friendships internationally.

We are forming a Progressive Media Guild for writers, web and software developers, photographers, film producers and educational marketing professionals, with industry partnership opportunities for an Avalon Quest Studio Initiative. We are planning to create state-of-the-art educational media for all ages, including books, software applications, videos and e-courses that can be downloaded from the internet. Our community memberships will include a discounted rate on Avalon’s in-house publications.

We also feature other progressive publishers, independent news media, advocacy organizations and learning resources in our New Society Multimedia Gallery. Our current book feature is Breakthrough Power: how quantum-leap new energy inventions can transform our world, written by Avalon Associate Jeane Manning and her colleague Joel Garbon.

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