Join us on an exciting month-long journey exploring mind-body wellness and the energetic basis for healing. This SHIFT Personal Transformation certificate program is taught over four Saturdays, two morning and afternoon sessions per week.  This comprehensive series is our level 1 program team-taught by members of Avalon’s Health and Wellness faculty.

Session 1 - Explore the Chakra Energy Body:
Both ancient knowledge and modern research teaches us that the body has a torus-shaped energy structure (aura) and seven main energy centres relating to the visible light spectrum (chakras).  Chakra functions govern the various aspects of our lives, and we can connect with our energy anatomy to heal and transform ourselves. Our first session includes a theoretical overview, and then introduces the use of healing stones, aromatherapy and musical notes to balance and brighten our rainbow chakra colours.  
In the practical sessions that follow, we will seek to enhance each of the primary seven chakras to resolve our challenges and activate our true powers and gifts.

Session 2 – Energize Your Life Force with Nutrition and Herbs:
Explore the latest thinking on healthy diets and the importance of sourcing local, organic and free-range food. We will also go on a herb walk and learn the healing properties of some local plants. We will practice gathering herbs with respect and intentionality, and then demonstrate how to prepare tincture remedies.

Session 3 – Expand Your Awareness with Yoga and Breathing:
Originally an Eastern tradition, yoga is gaining popularity in the West for conditioning the body and teaching mindfulness and connection to earth and spirit.  We will learn some gentle postures and breathing techniques to relieve stress and build strength and flexibility. By becoming more aware in our body, we can be more present to ourselves and in all our relationships.

Session 4 – Practice Clear and Authentic Communication:
Every aspect of our life benefits from learning better communication. Practice speaking your authentic truth in a way that is clear and compassionate. We explore some of the leading techniques and schools of thought, ranging from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to non-violent communication.

Session 5 – Open Your Heart with Energetic Bodywork:
Experiment with the innate power of your heart and hands to bring healing to yourself and your loved ones. Energetic healing practices help us connect with our higher self and spirit as well. We will share the latest breakthroughs from the Heart Math Institute, Dr. Emoto’s water crystal research, among others. We will also learn some hands-on techniques for healing touch, massage and realignment.

Session 6 – Move Creatively and Heal with Sound:
Energy flows with dance and relaxing exercises like Tai Chi and Continuum Movement. We will use harmonic toning and singing techniques to enhance vocal healing. We will also enjoy playing with drums and other instruments.

Session 7 - Create Intentional Space with Feng Shui:
Our inner values, beliefs and projections are reflected in the outer world. By consciously working with our home and workplace surroundings, we can help create harmony and prosperity in all aspects of our life. We will learn how to remove blocks to our success, place our intentions, and gain insight into our challenges.

Session 8:  Cultivate Peace and Wisdom from Within:
Universal knowledge and the qualities of the divine (peace, joy, love, etc) are accessible to us. There are many ways of sensing and knowing through our intuition. The key is to listen and trust. We begin by practicing meditation to clear the mind and to centre and ground ourselves. We then learn how to access our intuition by experimenting with techniques like the pendulum dowsing, inspirational writing and muscle testing. These tools are only intermediaries, however, and we will move on to listening directly to our inner voice.


Dates and Times:
 (4 part series) Saturday Aug 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2012
9:00 am to 5:00pm

Venue:  The Avalon Retreat Centre,
#2 – 4025 Field Rd, Kelowna BC

$795.00 non-members (includes course certificate)    
         $715.00 members

Registration Notes: Space is limited so please register early.

Please bring a notebook and cushion.