This day-long guided retreat into Scenic Canyon Regional Park (Gallagher’s Canyon) introduces the Okanagan Salish culture and explores the healing power of nature inherent in its extraordinary geology, watershed, resident plants and animals. Our schedule includes the following activities:

  • A walk to some of the energetic vortexes and faults of the inner canyon, with a meditation and discussion of the geological features and earth energy grid.
  • Introduction to the use of the canyon by the Okanagan Salish People, identification of some of their food sources and medicinal plants, and a smudging ceremony of sacred sage.
  • Lunch break next to the creek with opportunities to relax or go for a swim.
  • Shamanic journey with drum beat to connect with your canyon power animal, and journaling of your experience.
  • Giving back to the canyon with an environmental stewardship activity.
  • Return to parking lot.


Dates and Times: Day-hikes starting Sunday July 8, Aug 12, and Sept 2, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: We will start hike at the parking lot for the Regional Park at the end of Field Rd, next to the interpretive kiosk.

Cost: $145.00 non-members
         $130.50 members

Registration Notes: Hiking shoes, jacket or sweater, bag lunch, water bottle, journal, camera and swim wear if desired.