The Sacred Wisdom workshop series is a fascinating exploration of a variety of eastern, western and indigenous spiritual paths. This program is part of Avalon’s commitment to promote global peace and multicultural understanding. The series will be team-taught by members of our Peacemakers Guild and other Avalon faculty. Our facilitators are knowledgeable and experienced in their spiritual and cultural traditions, with an ability to convey the universal values and contemporary relevance of these teachings. They hold a unity-in-diversity perspective and are chosen for their compassionate hearts and integrity. While participants can expect to engage in questioning and lively discussion, everyone’s beliefs will be respected.


The series will access a wealth of interfaith teachings and practices to bring in a direct experience of peace and connection to the Divine. We discuss key insights from many sacred texts, mystical art and poetry. We also introduce a variety of meditation practices and prayer techniques that are being used in the daily spiritual practices of people around the world. Spiritual activities may range from Christian contemplative centering prayer and Buddhist mindfulness breathing, to Sufi zhikr dancing and First Nations medicine wheel ceremony. We will also discuss some principles of the contemporary New Thought movement, as well as the worldview of Earth-honouring Incarnational Spirituality.


This month-long program consists of four evening classes, once a week, at the Avalon Retreat Centre.  It will be taught in an intimate group setting. Our faculty team members will be confirmed shortly.

Faculty: TBA

Dates and Times:  ( 4 part series) Wed.- Nov 14, Nov 21, Nov 28, and Dec 5, 2012  6:30pm - 9:30pm

Venue: Avalon Retreat Centre, #2- 4025 Field Road, Kelowna, BC 

Cost: $395.00 non-members
         $355.00 members 

Registration Notes:  As class size is limited, we encourage participants to register early.