Avalon clients with health challenges can greatly benefit from a holistic, integrated approach to their recovery process. While natural health products and therapies are becoming more available in society, most people still struggle with their need to develop an effective recovery strategy that addresses their individual needs. Avalon’s recovery support team is made up of qualified, compassionate practitioners from our Healers Guild who can help resolve a wide variety of common illnesses and injuries. Our clients desire an educational approach that facilitates understanding of a range of holistic care options, as well as lifestyle tools to improve their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Avalon’s Health Recovery Intensive is taught in as a 3-day workshop program. We have found that healing is best supported in a small, intimate group setting. Our client group will be able to share their personal health issues in a caring and confidential circle. Participants will also benefit from the quiet, natural environment of our Avalon Retreat Centre.

We believe that the fundamentals of health restoration are the same, no matter what the condition, so we offer a comprehensive overview of proven healing pathways and lifestyle wellness essentials. Participants will be able to learn about and directly experience a variety of different therapeutic modalities. Our recovery support team will provide guidance to participants in preparing their own Health Recovery and Lifestyle Wellness Plan. We empower our clients to take responsibility for their own well-being and assist them with evaluating alternative treatment options. Their personalized Plan will map out steps towards desired lifestyle changes and identify therapies that can improve their overall health

Day 1 – Fundamentals of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

The first day includes some personal sharing by participants and an overview of current thinking on physiological, nutritional, energetic, environmental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. We reference leading research and positive results being achieved in integrated medical centres, holistic health programs and university institutes across the world. We discuss our own “twelve step program” relevant to all health conditions, that can lead to a successful recovery and a better life:

  1. Developing a positive state of mind

  2. Releasing old emotions and energy blocks

  3. Letting go of addictions

  4. Assessing your life purpose and priorities

  5. Managing stress and pain

  6. Improving your living and work environment

  7. Detoxification and cleansing

  8. Nourishing the body with organic food and herbs

  9. Relaxation, play and gentle exercise

  10. Building a social support network

  11. Connecting with nature

  12. Honouring your own heart and spirit


Day 2 - Exploration of Holistic Therapy Options

The second day introduces natural health solutions that may either compliment or serve as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, surgery or other medical interventions. We support our clients right to make an “informed choice”, and assume they are being advised by their physicians as to the relative risks and benefits of conventional medical treatment. Our client group will have access to the diverse therapeutic options represented in our Healers Guild, which includes but is not limited to the following modalities:

  • Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy

  • Physio and Craniosacral Therapy

  • Chiropractic Treatment

  • Yoga, Meditation and Biofeedback Techniques

  • Active Bodywork eg. Feldenkrais Method

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

  • Naturopathic Medicine and Therapies

  • Homeopathic Approach

  • Energetic Healing eg. Reiki, BodyTalk and Healing Touch

  • Counseling and Cognitive Therapies

  • Music and Vocal Therapies

  • Environmental Health and Feng Shui

  • Occupational Therapy and Ergonomics

  • Aromatherapy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Magnetic or Vibrational Healing Tools

Our attending practitioners will provide a general theoretical introduction to these techniques and traditions, as well as demonstrate some holistic treatments or exercises to give participants a direct experience of potential benefits.

Day 3 - Preparing a Health Recovery and Lifestyle Wellness Plan

The third day provides an opportunity for participants to further discuss therapeutic pathways and start developing their own Health Recovery and Lifestyle Wellness Plan. We will provide a pre-formatted personal planner and will introduce our Personalized Coaching Service and Avalon Rose Wellness Programs, which they may elect to register for as part of their healing journey. Several faculty practitioners will be on hand to answer questions and guide our clients through the planning process. We will close with a heart-centering meditation and group social.



Faculty: TBA

Dates and Times:
 July 13, 14, 15, 2012 (Fri - Sun) from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Avalon Retreat Centre, #2 – 4025 Field Rd, Kelowna

 $595.00 non-members

         $535.50 members

Registration Notes: