Avalon’s New Earth Education Initiative seeks to accelerate the changes that are required to make education and research more responsive to the worldwide need for social justice and sustainability. Both public and private institutions have been increasingly influenced by economic forces that emphasize commercialization and short-term profits over the well-being of people and the planet. It is time to make the shift to a “triple bottom line” approach that balances the interests of the economy, society and the environment.

Thoughtful educators and specialists in all fields should work together to reset the priorities of the education system and engage in ethical research that truly makes a difference in the world. A healthy society is one that honours the higher potential of the whole person. Moreover, we need to encourage active learning in all stages of life.

Our New Educators Guild will engage in meaningful discussion of the essential aspects of personal and community development in today’s world. We will explore different schools of thought, both ancient and contemporary, in determining the learning resources and techniques, skill-sets and societal conditions required to develop consciously aware, happy and productive citizens. The educational initiatives will also reflect the approaches of Avalon's SHIFT methodology.

We are moving beyond standard indicators of IQ to Emotional Intelligence and even Group Intelligence. We are also challenged by the urgency to replace outdated theories and practices still influencing public opinion and policy. We need to better integrate quantum science, global ecology, energy medicine and other newly emerging fields into teaching curriculum, training programs and multimedia resources.

In order to achieve these goals, our New Educators Guild will collaborate with other Avalon branches and partners to offer:

  1. A consulting service to assist universities, colleges, trade unions and associations evolve their educational programming and re-evaluate their research and professional development priorities.

  2. Week-long residency programs for elementary and secondary schools that fulfill and expand learning outcomes in the subject areas of career and values development, multicultural arts, whole health and sustainability education. Please click here to review the Avalon School Residency Program Guide (PDF). Our faculty members participating in this program will be confirmed shortly.

  3. Research and Development (R & D) partnering with other companies and organizations in creating ethical products and services.

  4. Ongoing curriculum development support for Avalon’s own certification and training programs in personal growth, workplace transitions, comprehensive ecovillage projects and other future offerings.

  5. Program planning and facility design work towards proposed Avalon World Centre campus facilities including the community open school for children.

Please contact our office directly for further information on how to participate in these exciting initiatives.