Jeane Manning is a leading-edge researcher and writer on sustainable and frontier energy alternatives.  Ms. Manning can provide specialized consulting in ecovillage development and scientific research and demonstration programs for eco-technologies. She also brings to our Progressive Media and Communications branch a comprehensive understanding of writing, publishing, editing, broadcasting and other aspects of public communications and the media industry.

Jeane Manning is a researcher of frontier sciences, author of The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing; NY, 1996) and Energie (Omega Verlag; Germany, 2002), and co-author of several other nonfiction books.  Her books are published in seven languages and she has been interviewed by media on four continents.  Ms. Manning has published articles in many magazines, including Explore New Dimensions, the Journal of Ecolonomics, Georgia Straight, Habitat Magazine, Okanagan Business Journal, Shared Vision, Infinite Energy, Nexus and Okanagan Life. With an honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Idaho, she has been a social worker, reporter, counsellor, publicist, radio commentator and newspaper editor. She served on boards of directors for a new energy institute, an ocean-energy company and a geothermal company.  Ms. Manning is currently doing freelance writing including a bimonthly magazine column on the topic of the new-energy frontier, and published the updated second edition of the book Breakthrough Power:  How Quantum Energy Inventions can Transform our World (Amber Bridge Books, 2011).

Ms. Manning is motivated to help bring about a world of clean air, vitalized waters and healthy soils. As well as new energy conferences, she attended several international meetings on Frontiers in Water Science. Her journalistic research into non-conventional, small-is-beautiful energy alternatives resulted in invitations to speak at conferences around the world.  These conferences include: the Institute for New Energy (Denver); Climates of Change Congress (Victoria); Women & Sustainable Development (UBC); New Hydrogen Technologies (Switzerland); Innovative Energie-Technologien (Germany); Tesla 150-Year Congress and Forum 3 (Germany):  Green Expo (Medford.OR);  Secrets - the Energy Revolution (Phoenix) and the Renaissance Change conferences (Coeur d'Alene, ID).