A social activist since age 12 in the American Civil Rights movement, Allisa Bennett's journey brought her to Winnipeg and support work for Native Rights in Canada, which revealed to her the depth and significance of her own Scots, Pottawatomie and Muskogee heritage. After immigrating to B.C., human rights activist/ Elder Mary Uslik of the Okanagan and Sto'lo Nations taught her to respect the plants and animals as well as people. While living in Vancouver, she was engaged as a Social Justice Worker in the publishing industry.

Her journ
ey then brought her to her Kel'ow'na (home of the Grizzly Bear) to learn from the "plant people - nature intelligence" about healing and eating, spiritual principles and practical strategies for day-to-day life. Insight gained from her work with beneficial herbs such as Sage, Lavender, Spearmint, Dandelion and Cedar were invaluable to her personal growth and awareness.  These experiences added a deeper dimension to her studies in herbology since the mid-1970's. 

Soon after she recieved training in the fundamentals of Re-evaluation Counselling and became part of an international Community of Co-Counsellors, work that she continues today. She also became a Board Member for the Kelowna Women's Resource Centre; while promoting affordable housing she met the founder of Avalon Alliance, Laurel Zaseybida. During this time a chronic illness turned to acute which brought her to the 12-Step Movement. She helped found the Kelowna Centre for Spiritual Living's Celestial Singers Choir and acted as Assistant/ Interim Director while there.

One of the promises of recovery was fulfilled in 1996 when she bore a son at age 45. Parenting led her to the Waldorf Education and the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy), which enhanced her long standing interest in metaphysics and human development. Her son Tennessee has since graduated from the Kelowna Waldorf School and gone on to high school. While he was in elementary school, Allisa completed 3 years of study in the Science of Mind, became a local food activist, helped found the Kelowna Permaculture Group and was one of the Initiators of Kelowna In transition. For 15 years she has practised building Listening Partnerships with parents, the world's largest subculture. In recent years, she began working in Landscape Maintenance and offering Life Coaching to clientele. Allisa enjoys the synergy inherent in the Avalon Alliance concept and looks forward to working with other Associates and our general membership.