Throughout the ages there has been a timeless stream of conscious wisdom called “the Mystery School” that has flowed through all world cultures and spiritual traditions. Like the archetypical World Tree, it is an abundant revelation of universal truth, love, beauty and wonder. In the golden eras of human history, this higher knowledge has surfaced and expressed itself in great scientific, literary and artistic achievements. In the darker periods of political or religious oppression, this knowledge has gone underground, kept in secret societies, monasteries and other safe hiding places.  Many ancient teachings have now been validated by cutting edge science and whole systems theory.


Avalon is pleased to offer our community membership an exciting, four-part introduction to the Mystery School:

Module 1 - Western Traditions:  The wisdom school of the West dates back to Ancient Egypt and Greece, and is also reflected in the mystical face of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions. The Western philosophies we explore in the first module include the Hermetic, Delphic, Christian Essene, Pythagorean, Gnostic Sophia, Jewish Kabbalah, Sufi, Templar and Alchemical traditions.

Module 2 - Eastern & Indigenous Traditions: The second session introduces Eastern and Indigenous mysteries such as the Tibetan realm of Shambhala, Mayan calendar, I Ching Book of Changes, Taoist philosophy, Shamanic journeying and the Vedic path of awakening.

Module 3 - The New Frontier:  The third module addresses the latest findings from new physics, biology, medicine and other fields that are consistent with ancient teachings.  We investigate Earth changes and Mayan prophecies of a December 2012 transition from one World Age to another, as well as spontaneous quantum healing, free energy technologies, advanced brain capacities and other popular themes. 

Module 4 -  Mystery School Tools: The last session explores some ancient and contemporary techniques used to understand universal energies and consciousness ranging from centuries-old astrology, tarot and dowsing to high-tech water crystal science, applied kinesiology, kirlian photography and heartmath resonance technology. 


This workshop series will be taught in a small group format at the Avalon Retreat Centre, one weekend course module per month over a four-month period. The workshops will include both engaging discussion as well as some hands-on activities. There will also be video presentation of discoveries from new science as well as archaeological findings from ancient civilizations. Our workshop faculty represents a diversity of viewpoints and will encourage a spirit of inquiry among participants. Upon completion of all four modules, the participants will obtain an Avalon Mystery School certificate. 


Faculty: TBA

Dates and Times: (4-part series) 9:30am - 4:30pm Saturday/ Sunday, one weekend course per month
Sept 8-9, Oct 6-7, Nov 3-4, and Dec 1-2, 2012

Venue: Avalon Retreat Center, #2- 4025 Field Road, Kelowna, BC

Cost: $395.00 per weekend or $1495.00 non-members
         $355.00 per weekend or $1345.00 members for entire 4-part
         series (includes certificate)

Registration Notes:  Please register early for this workshop series, as space is limited for this program.  While participants can elect to take only one of the weekend courses, we encourage participants to register for the complete 4-part series in order to obtain the Avalon Mystery School certificate. 

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