Traditional liberal approaches to education, which trace their roots to the ancient Greeks and Renaissance period, have emphasized intellectual inquiry, broad-minded values and critical thinking. At the other end of the spectrum, modern education has often become characterized by reductionism and rote learning, preparing students for specialized vocations in the corporate marketplace. Avalon is part of a progressive movement to bridge the dichotomy between classical and technical pursuits by advancing a holistic framework of theory and practice. This new worldview integrates leading scientific discoveries and ecological design with global awareness and cross-cultural wisdom. Our educational and research initiatives focus on developing the personal and collective capacity to evolve into a conscious, sustainable society.


Avalon’s New Earth Education Initiative invites pioneering teachers and professors, researchers, academic leaders and education advocates from both the public and private sectors to join our New Educators Guild. We engage in efforts to transform education for all ages and abilities. We cultivate the whole human potential by expanding the boundaries of exploration, while making learning relevant to the practical needs of sustainability in both local and global contexts. Many conventional beliefs and established methods will become obsolete in this great transition.


Our New Educators Guild will collaborate with Avalon’s other branch specializations to assist universities, vocational colleges and trade organizations integrate emerging fields of knowledge into their professional development, research and programming. New curriculum and training programs can be custom developed in subject areas ranging from: quantum physics, unified field theory and the new biology of consciousness, to applied models of holistic health care, design by nature, green technologies and steady state economics. We can partner as well with the private sector in ethical Research and Development (R & D) projects. We also aim to promote progressive learning for children by offering a School Residency Program for multicultural arts, whole health and sustainability education. This program will become available to Central Okanagan school classrooms by 2013.


Educational facilities need to be designed for optimal learning and global relevance, which is why our plan for the Avalon World Centre Project features innovative building systems and new institutes for sustainable development, international studies and other important fields of the future. Our prototype campus village concept also includes a community open school for children with extraordinary environmental learning opportunities.


For the enjoyment of the general public we offer the Avalon Mystery School workshop series that introduces many fascinating discoveries, philosophies and metaphysical traditions from around the world. We include some video footage of intriguing new scientific research and archaeological findings from ancient civilizations. This exciting series is sure to expand perceptions of what is possible for the next cycle of human civilization.

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