We create a whole new way of working together, transforming our lives and our community with the higher logic and heart of roundtable alliances.

Avalon Alliance has created an exciting new model of organizational and community collaboration that effectively resolves interdisciplinary issues and develops opportunities within a structural framework of linked circle domains (see Roundtable Governance and Management Model). Our circular feedback process naturally promotes whole systems thinking, stimulates creativity, and builds trust and understanding. This unique model values consensual decision-making and the equal dignity of everyone involved.

Avalon’s model has the potential to transform the modern workplace, which is commonly associated with “top-down” hierarchies, bureaucratic inefficiency and a lack of personal fulfillment. The resulting “information silos” prevent reciprocal exchange with other management departments or operating systems. Moreover, many public and private sector organizations suffer from the distrust and isolating effects of a competitive marketplace. This scarcity mindset impedes the higher learning and empowerment potentials of more cooperative and collegial socio-economic structures.

Our prototype structure includes seven guilds for professional/ trade associates and affiliated organizations, a central Executive Council and Advisory, and a wide community membership base. It was designed to achieve the sustainability aspirations of organizations and communities, while incorporating the best principles of historic successes like the Arthurian roundtable, medieval trade guilds, Iroquois confederacy and Sociocracy governed enterprises. More contemporary sources of inspiration include corporate best practices, strategic alliances and civic planning forums.  Avalon's Workplace Transitions certification program teaches our Roundtable Governance and Management Structure to client organizations, and includes training in our progressive workplace practices.

Avalon invites professionals and tradespeople who are committed to ethical leadership standards to apply for membership in one of our guilds, which are guided by the missions of our seven branches and our Working Covenant and Code of Ethics. Our company Directors in the Council are “vision keepers” and have executive roles as well as financial and legal responsibilities for Avalon as a whole. Directors initiate and co-develop exciting training, fellowship and work opportunities with the professional/ trade members and the Advisory.

Categories of Professional/ Trade Memberships

1.  Avalon Associates:  Leading edge consultants, managers, teachers, scientists, health practitioners, artists, facilitators, skilled builders and tradespeople who work together in our guilds on a full or part-time contractual basis. These individuals work under the guidance of Avalon’s Council and Advisory in the design and development of Avalon’s projects and the operation of our services and programs. Associates may still hold positions in other companies or organizations when under contract with Avalon, provided that they work towards fulfilling our branch and project missions with positive professionalism.

There are many benefits to becoming an active professional/ trade Associate, as summarized below:

  • Being part of an organization that is on the leading edge of building sustainable communities and conscious culture. 
  • Doing exciting and valued work for Avalon with financial compensation through consulting, teaching and/or project management contracts.
  • The enjoyment of supportive, caring and stimulating collegial relationships.
  • Being able to effect more change as a collaborative team of community professionals and trades than we can working alone or within traditional employment structures.
  • Administrative, marketing, professional development and technical support of the larger Avalon organization.
  • Extraordinary cross-disciplinary learning and synthesis, with opportunities for career mentoring and expansion.
  • Holistic mind-body-spirit orientation and application of universal principles to projects, programs and group processes.
  • Diverse areas of expertise and enterprises that grow and evolve with the initiative of the guilds and support of the community membership.
  • Progressive business practices with flexibility in working style and schedules.
  • Professional development and advancement through our own certification program (currently under development) for Avalon Accredited Professionals (AAP).
  • Guild peer review process for the development of new projects, programs and services to provide valuable feedback and mutual learning opportunities.
  • Opportunity to publish news articles and market e-books, courses and seminars through Avalon Quest Media.
  • Access to extensive Avalon resources, and scheduled use of the Avalon Retreat Centre for guild meetings, workshops, training and other activities.
  • Opportunity to be involved in experimental research and hands-on demonstrations.
  • Having an Associate profile page with biography and photo on our website that expands your professional exposure.
  • All the benefits of the general community membership.

Becoming an Associate requires an initial interview and application process - please contact our office for an appointment. Associates will also have to sign Avalon's Working Covenant and Code of Ethics, as well as a Non-Disclosure Form related to our World Centre/ Sustainability District Project. The initial Associate membership fee is $500 and includes orientation, while annual renewals are $250. After being approved, Associates can register and pay for their memberships online (see below).  Our existing guild Associates will not be due for renewing their fees until the fall of 2013.  

2.  Avalon Affiliates:  Collaborating companies, industries, non-profits and other organizations that have met our high standards and maintain listings in our Ethical Marketplace Directory.  Some Affiliates may add specialized expertise or project capacity to our core guild teams, and interact with our guilds by sending one or two of their qualified representatives, as required for the development or operation of the projects, programs or services they are involved in. If necessary, a working group of representatives may form their own linked circle, as in the case of our consortium of green building industry suppliers. When employed as part of a project, their benefits and responsibilities will be outlined in their contract agreements.

Affiliates are featured in Avalon's Ethical Marketplace with their logo website links and description of their products or services.  They maintain their annual listings as Ethical Marketplace Members as per the rates set out for the Directory.  They may enjoy an expanded profile or more public exposure when featured in our Showcase or as Sponsors of Avalon.

Some Affiliates may cross-promote with Avalon or distribute valued resources to our respective membership or clients bases, as per a reciprocal promotion/ distribution agreement.  Please contact us directly to explore this potential.

3.  Avalon Honorary Advisors:  Individuals well-known for their career achievements, who are seen as having mastery in their fields. Honorary Advisors provide specialized counsel and mentoring to the Avalon executive and guilds on an occasional basis. They are individually featured in our Profiles of Directors and Advisors section. These Advisory members generally work on a volunteer, expenses honorarium basis. They are appreciated for their contributions with special acknowledgement and all the benefits associated with our Golden Heart community membership. There is no membership fee for our advisors.

4.  Avalon Legal and Financial Advisors:  Individuals from firms who provide specialized legal and financial counsel to Avalon, and assist with the corporate accounting and management of our investment and giving funds. Each Advisor is featured in our Profiles of Directors and Advisors section. The Legal and Financial Advisory works on a contractual fee and/or sponsorship basis, and there is no membership fee involved.