Most of our current institutional systems and infrastructure were designed during the Industrial Revolution, and the old paradigm is disintegrating and becoming increasingly unworkable. As a society, we need to find ways of learning, caring for our health, using our economic resources and living in communities that are more in harmony with the environment and the needs of the twenty-first century. Since the early 1940s, visionary scientists and pioneers in all fields have been introducing a holistic view of the universe that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and the unity of mind, body and spirit. Many men and women now understand and embrace this new world view and are learning to integrate it into their lives.

In recent years the variety of green products and holistic services has increased phenomenally, and exciting new forms of residential and institutional development are appearing. Those who are supporting the more ethical, meaningful ways of living have been identified by economic demographers as “cultural creatives,” a group which has been estimated to now constitute more that one-third of the population. Like a snowball rolling downhill, the movement is rapidly increasing in size and momentum worldwide. Economic growth statistics are proving that the new paradigm businesses and institutions are the way of the future and have excellent long-term investment potential. 

Because of our inclusive community vision and diverse programs, Avalon branch initiatives will appeal to a wide range of residents and visitors spanning many demographic segments. Avalon's comprehensive World Centre Project will be a functional demonstration of community learning and sustainable development founded in the new paradigm values and technologies. It presents a rare opportunity to build from the ground up, rather than trying to change old institutions and community structures from within. Our shareholders and project partners are part of an exciting venture on the leading edge of change, making a wise investment in solutions to many of the world’s current problems. 

Avalon has conducted extensive research and comparative analysis on these new trends and emerging sectors of community life and the economy:  

  • Sustainable cities & neighbourhood development 
  • Green construction standards, building systems & products
  • Renewable energy & environmental technologies
  • Ethical commerce & business enterprises
  • Workplace leadership & career development
  • Organic food, beverages & herbal supplements
  • Health & wellness services, programs & conferences
  • Holistic education centres, healing retreats & spas 
  • Environmental learning centres & green tech expos
  • Personal development & spiritual growth resources
  • Outdoor recreation, eco-tourism & cultural journeys
  • Arts productions & multimedia edu-tainment