Economic Background Issues:

Everywhere in the world today, people are struggling with volatile economic forces that seek to erode the rights of workers, deplete hard-earned pensions, and put banking profits and corporate bonuses ahead of community health and the environment. Moreover, much of the media is controlled by interests that glorify trivial consumerism and the lavish lives of the super rich. Avalon has thought deeply about the structural basis of this economic crisis, and has developed its corporate framework and branch initiatives to remedy these issues. It is our understanding that:

  • Economic ideologies and party politics, whether socialist or capitalist, have not succeeded in providing the essentials of a true democracy.  These essentials include:  freedom from manipulation and oppression, a financial system of exchange and production that fulfills the legitimate needs and aspirations of all citizens, and wise stewardship of the earth’s resources and life support systems.
  • Modern industrial economies have single-mindedly increased the rate of product and service production with little regard for people’s higher intelligence and the dignity of their experience.  The work may no longer be physically tedious but it can still be boring and mundane, whether employees sit at a computer all day or serve customers repetitively at a fast-food counter.
  • Scientific and technological innovation can be utilized in ways that can be either beneficial or harmful, depending on the intent and ethics of the application.
  • The majority of public investors in global stocks and mutual funds have limited information on how their capital is being used, and about the ethical, social and environmental practices of the banks and companies involved. 
  • The neocolonial imbalance of “taking” more than “giving” has resulted in:  gross economic disparities between northern and southern countries, impoverishment of most of the world’s population, increasing stress and emotional despair, war, oppression, the ecological crisis and adverse climate changes.  Thus, most people on the planet currently suffer in one of two ways:  from the excesses of over-consumption and the fear of losing what they have to “security threats”, or conversely from a state of desperation due to lack of basic necessities and unhealthy living conditions.
  • The illusion of “scarcity” seems to be propagated by a global elite that has ironically been willing to spend billions of dollars on creating prisons, bombs and fighter jets for economic domination and war.  The same resources could be spent instead on resolving the root causes of conflict, eliminating poverty, and restoring the means to abundant living in harmony with nature.
  • Having “both feet on the ground” economically implies being able to see not only short-term opportunities for profit but also the balance of requirements for long-term stability provided by sustainable stewardship of resources, compassionate giving, social justice and inclusivity.  

Ethical Investment Mission and Goals:

Therefore, Avalon aspires to help rectify the economic crisis with the following mission and goals for ethical investment:

  • To co-create with our spiritual guidance and the intelligence of nature our most beautiful and enlightened vision for sustaining life on this planet.
  • To realize that the One Source of our being (God or the Unified Field) is the true provider of unlimited possibility and abundance.
  • To transcend the politics of “left” versus “right” and end oppression by standing for the good of all and promoting powerful everyday choices for our common future.
  • To encourage the majority of good-hearted, well-intentioned people to invest their capital with ethical discernment and responsibility.
  • To dispel the myth that ethical enterprises are less profitable, when in fact the existing indexes of socially and environmentally responsible companies are out-performing the rest. 
  • To offer meaningful shareholding and employment opportunities in the development of Avalon’s branch subsidiaries and projects.
  • To give our investors fair returns and a sense of moral satisfaction in financing the development of Avalon projects, services, programs and products that make the world a better place.
  • Ultimately, to create or partner with a sustainable development fund or green community bank open to both small and large investors - “from the people, for the people”.

Land Trust and Phoenix Foundation Mission and Goals:

Avalon also aspires to address these economic issues by establishing a land trust and corporate foundation, with the following mission and goals:

  • To share and redistribute accumulated wealth or resources for the well-being of the whole community and bioregion.  This mission translates as providing the charitable means for aspects of poverty relief, social outreach, public education, spiritual development, higher cultural pursuits and ecological restoration. 
  • To give a significant percentage of the profits made by the Avalon group of companies to designated charitable causes that serve humanity and restore the planet.  
  • To be able to receive government grants as well as monetary donations, capital gifts and bequests from the general public and issue tax receipts. 
  • To give equitable access to Avalon’s programs, services and other resources through the creation of scholarships and community outreach initiatives, both locally and internationally.
  • To provide due public acknowledgement of the generosity of benefactors whenever appropriate and desired.
  • To work in cooperative alignment with the Avalon group of companies and community sponsors and partners in undertaking humanitarian or environmental projects that have charitable aspects to them.
  • To ensure that the activities of the land trust and foundation are environmentally sustainable, socially just, globally aware and locally relevant, ethically and spiritually guided by Avalon’s Executive Council and Advisory.