Investors currently face an uncertain future as stock markets and mutual funds rise and fall daily.  Avalon invites qualified individuals or companies to consider investing in our sustainable enterprises that make a visible difference in our communities and the world around us. Innovative green systems and building designs, along with health-enhancing programs and services, are what many city officials, workplaces and saavy consumers are looking for. Avalon has built a firm foundation for success through more than a decade of research, planning, community networking and capacity building.  Many of our ventures will involve real assets like land and buildings, while others are based in cutting edge intellectual property. There are global technology transfer opportunities for our green design-build applications, and our unique multimedia and marketplace initiatives, certification programs and consulting services can serve both local and international markets.

Our parent company Avalon Alliance Inc. was established in 1997 and is owned by founder Laurel Zaseybida and her partner Bonnie Wilkes.  Avalon's first subsidiary company, Avalon Ecovillage Development Corp., was started in 2004 and currently has a small group of shareholders who have contributed initial seed capital towards its growth.  We are now seeking further investment into Avalon Ecovillage Development Corp., as well as seed capital to establish each of the other branch subsidiaries identified in our Roundtable Governance and Management Model.  The proposed ARC for Humanity subsidiary may become a Community Contribution Corporation based on new BC legislation. We also welcome philanthropic interests who could help us establish the Avalon Phoenix Foundation and Land Trust.

We invite prospective investors to review the missions and initiatives set out for our various branches, and to study the exciting worldwide trends and precedents discussed in our website's Investment and Giving section.  We have conducted extensive research to determine the viability of many of our ventures.  Our Ecovillage Project initiative in particular required extensive financial analysis by professionals.  The Avalon directors and other project team members worked with our financial and legal advisors to prepare in-depth Ecovillage business and financial planning documents, as well as some gross cost and revenue estimates for our larger World Centre Project proposal.  While some real estate market and property conditions have changed for the Avalon Ecovillage initiative and World Centre Project, our case studies still suggest our model of ecovillage development has the potential to generate positive returns for investors.

Avalon’s long-term goal is to either establish or partner with an Ethical Investment Fund or Green Community Bank, with wide public participation in our investment opportunities.  Currently, however, we can only legally offer shares to accredited investors, or friends, family and associates of Avalon directors. Certain qualified investors may also utilize their self-directed RRSPs for Avalon company shares.  We may also consider limited partnership or joint venture arrangements with major financial partners or other green companies, without compromise to Avalon’s green development standards, ethical integrity and roundtable organizational structure. 

Please contact our head office if you are interesting in making a ‘triple bottom line’ Avalon investment with an ethical commitment to people and the planet.  Our financial and legal advisors can determine your eligibility to invest based on current investment securities regulations.