Avalon uses a synergistic, whole systems approach when evolving its leading edge projects, programs and services. Integrating complementary functions creates additional value and attraction, as the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  The Avalon World Centre and Sustainability District may be one of the most comprehensive visions for sustainable community ever designed. This ‘living-learning’ campus village for humanity aspires to demonstrate new systems and approaches from all of our seven branches, and draws inspiration from successful local and global precedents.  Thousands of viable holistic learning and sustainable living projects already exist worldwide, examples of which are listed below:

Ecovillage & Cohousing Development

There is a large network of ecovillages and cohousing communities registered across the Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania Asia.

Sustainable Urban Development Projects

Many new sustainable towns and city revitalization projects demonstrate leading edge planning, green design and best practices.

Green Technology Learning Centres

Exciting institutes and visitor centres that showcase ecological technologies draw record numbers of visitors annually.

 Holistic Learning Centres & Health Spas

Learning centres & retreat facilities for mind, body & spirit are becoming increasingly popular.