Avalon Interfaith Fellowship is currently a branch of the Avalon Alliance Management Corp. Our mission is to end racism and intolerance, fostering instead multicultural understanding, social justice and unity-in-diversity. We also seek to enhance the spiritual potential and inspirational experiences of our membership through participation in our community events and outreach initiatives, workshops and tours. We open new teaching and community engagement opportunities for the spiritual leaders who are members of our Peacemakers Guild. This branch may evolve into a future subsidiary, ARC for Humanity, which will encompass the cultural, artistic, educational and spiritual aspects of the Avalon vision.



Our Peacemakers Guild is a working fellowship of respected priests, ministers, rabbis, imams and other spiritual leaders, as well as intercultural community advocates, religious scholars and monastics. The Avalon Alliance creates opportunities for guild members to dialogue and teach together, while actively promoting human rights, environmental stewardship, multiculturalism and religious tolerance in community.

Avalon is now welcoming new Associates into this Guild and encourages qualified applicants to inquire about becoming a member. We are taking applications for Associates with appropriate backgrounds who are aligned with the values and aspirations of our Interfaith Fellowship branch. Please see our Professional / Trade Membership section under Join Us for more information.  There is no membership fee for our Peacemakers Guild due to the fact that most spiritual leaders work on a voluntary giving (donation) basis.  However, we do ask that our members in this Guild register their associated faith group for a community membership in Avalon, if applicable.


Our Peacemakers Guild is guided by Avalon's Directors and Advisory and includes the following registered guild members:

Master Xhing Ru

Rev. Canon David Griffin


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