The World Centre project is proposed for Kelowna, BC, as an international "centre of excellence".  It was conceived as a master-planned demonstration of Avalon’s integrated model of personal development and sustainable society. The progressive systems, designs and practices promoted in the seven branches of Avalon all find their physical expression in the World Centre vision.  The wholeness of conscious living, learning, working and playing will be experienced by residents and visitors in this complete campus community.

Our vision encompasses hundreds of acres of land in the vicinity of Scenic Canyon and future phases of the Mission Creek Greenway, at the urban-rural fringe of SE Kelowna, the Regional District of Central Okanagan and Westbank First Nations Medicine Creek Reserve.  This area has both small and large landowners and falls under multiple management jurisdictions.  It is in need of comprehensive planning to ensure that its outstanding natural and cultural heritage is fully protected.  Any new residential or commercial development, recreational facilities, natural resource industries and related infrastructure should utilize green design and best practices to minimize impacts and restore this sensitive watershed.   

Avalon’s proposal includes primary and secondary nodes of green development combined with organic farming enterprises and innovative hubs of research and education. Mixed use nodal and cluster development, as opposed to large lot residential sprawl, would facilitate regional park and greenway expansion. This environmentally-sensitive settlement pattern would also enable the creation of riparian buffer and wildlife habitat conservation zones, as well as designated areas for agro-forestry and eco-tourism enterprises. It would also make natural and cultural interpretative facilities viable for the canyon lands, that would honour the area's unique ecology and geological features, First Nations traditional uses and pioneer history (Kettle Valley railroad, gold mining, irrigation district flumes, etc.)

The primary World Centre village would function both as an exciting global destination and as a compact, walkable centre that services the surrounding area (both existing and new green neighbourhoods).  At the heart of this campus village concept are extraordinary institutes and hands-on learning environments to achieve intercultural understanding and a sustainable future.  The plan also features world heritage architecture, innovative modes of transportation, multimedia arts and theatre, holistic medical and wellness facilities, ethical commerce, eco-expo, interfaith sanctuaries and a special centre for children and environmental learning.  Community supported organic agriculture and greenhouse operations are integrated throughout.  A secondary development node, Renaissance Village, features a world-class retreat and conference centre, artisan studios and festive edu-tainment.

The World Centre project is designed to catalyze positive change for the Okanagan region and abroad, and we believe it will spawn and support a number of satellite projects that specialize in different aspects of our sustainability model.  We aspire to fully engage our community in a collaborative effort and realize the World Centre vision with many local and international partners.  The project will provide pioneering research, leadership and outreach services in the evolution of whole systems and sustainable approaches for the new millennium. 

In preparation for the programming side of this venture, Avalon has been designing uplifting educational facilities and innovative programs and services to assist people and organizations achieve their full potential. Our activities encompass all aspects of life, from the inner world of psyche and spirit to the outer concerns of social justice and ecology.  

As for the physical development aspects, Avalon has already completed a draft Area Structure Plan and sustainable land use designations for discussion, preliminary drawings and feasibility studies for the Avalon World Centre and Sustainability District. The details of our project proposal currently remain confidential out of consideration for existing property owners in the area, who will be contacted and encouraged to participate in our Collaborative Planning and Development Strategy. Document review by area landowners and other potential partners will require direct consultation and the signing of a non-disclosure form.  After we have secured sufficient capital and landowner partnership agreements to move forward, we will be able to make our conservation and development proposal more public and proceed into the planning approvals process. 

If you are interested in participating in the World Centre project as a landowner partner, investor, donor, government agency or affiliated organization, you may contact Avalon’s Directors at or General inquiries may be directed to  Investment and donor opportunities will be guided by our Legal and Financial Advisory, respecting all relevant Securities regulations. Please also see our Disclaimer for this project proposal.

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