Many types of Avalon Alliance membership enable everyone to participate in projects and events that create a sustainable future. We provide transformational resources and a network of support that raises awareness and enables citizens to take effective action in improving their lives and communities.

There are two general categories of Avalon membership. Our professional/ trades membership is based on qualifications, while community membership is open to everyone. Membership benefits range from leading edge professional training and work opportunities, to recognition for ethical businesses, to discounts for community members on Avalon programs and services. Avalon is also creating a variety of shareholding, sponsorship, affiliate and volunteer opportunities for its members.
Our membership is not limited to the Okanagan region. There are meaningful types of involvement for people world-wide who want to start an Avalon chapter in their own community. The Avalon World Café will be created as both a live and web-based membership forum to exchange ideas and build friendships internationally.

Please explore the details and many benefits of our professional/ trades and community memberships.  Register online below to become part of our exciting movement for change!  Please note that the professional/ trades membership category requires an application approval process in advance of registration.