Investment culture has seen a shift in recent years as more shareholders seek to support ethical funds and target their capital into positive forms of community development. The exploding LOHAS marketplace (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) is currently estimated to be worth $209 billion in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, social responsible investment (SRI) assets are estimated at more than $3 trillion and climbing. Analysts now believe that green commerce is a necessary and permanent mega-trend, not a niche market.

While many organizations have been required to step towards making a green transition, the Avalon has built its very foundation on comprehensive Sustainable Community Planning Principles. Our ventures demonstrate leading edge research and innovative practices. We always seek to achieve the “triple bottom line” of social benefit, environmental protection and financial return. As a Benefit Corporation, Avalon's corporate articles and mission extends the responsibilities of our directors to consider the interests of all our stakeholders, including our investors, employees and contractors, clients, communities and the environment. We are also initiating a corporate foundation to support the most charitable aspects of our vision and secure land in trust for future generations.

Avalon is creating green development projects, licensed services and certification programs within each of its seven branches. We welcome inquiries from ethical investors, partners and sponsors as we continue to build seed capital and community support into the ventures of Avalon Alliance Management Corp., Avalon Sustainable Ventures Corp., ProjectCos like Avalon Ecovillage Development Corp. and other emerging subsidiaries. For several years, Avalon has worked with its legal and financial advisors to prepare in-depth business and financial plans. These feasibility studies indicate that our ecovillage development model and related design-build systems can achieve important environmental and social goals, while generating viable financial returns for investors.

We are also forming the Avalon Phoenix Foundation to support the most charitable aspects of our vision and secure land in trust for future generations.  While this corporate foundation is not in place yet as a registered charity, our community membership is still welcome to make material contributions to Avalon projects and help out at our many worthy events and causes. We give thanks and seek to provide valuable learning experiences for our donors and volunteer members.