For millennia human societies have been in conflict over differing interpretations of sacred texts and moral living. At times this conflict has resulted in wars, conversion campaigns and inhumane treatment of those who did not follow the same religious beliefs and practices. These conflicts have also had other underlying motives, such as the lust for power, cultural domination and the exploitation of valuable resources from foreign lands. In view of these historical abuses, the natural response of many individuals has been to reject religion altogether and adopt an atheistic stance. However, in doing so, they run the risk of shutting down their own spiritual impulses and insight.


Avalon seeks to heal the perceptual rift between science and religion, offering a new synthesis that validates both empirical and intuitive ways of knowing. We support authentic varieties of spiritual experience while gently easing the fear that is at the root of prejudice and fundamentalism. We provide a safe non-sectarian environment to explore all the world’s religions and mystical teachings, whether eastern or western, ancient or new age. Agnostics with a scientific or poetic bent who marvel at the beauty of nature and the cosmos are also welcome to join the circle. On our evolutionary path towards unity, we aspire to discover common wisdom and shared purpose while recognizing the special gifts that each spiritual tradition brings. 


Our upcoming programming includes a Sacred Wisdom workshop series that explores essential teachings from the great world religions, as well as mystical traditions of poets and contemplative seekers who share their direct experiences of the Divine. We provide insight into the sacred practices and initiations that expand consciousness and open the devotional heart. We also consider the new energies available to us at this turning point in history as the planet and humanity go through major transformational shifts.


Avalon is also founding an Interfaith Tours and Love in Action Initiative that organizes educational tours to different places of worship within the community, as well as journeys abroad to sacred sites of global significance. Our intent is to build friendships with people of other faiths and remove cultural barriers through respectful learning and sharing. We support assemblies for interfaith dialogue, as well as peaceful activism for human rights and military disarmament around the world. Spiritual leaders from different faith groups will sit on our Peacemakers Guild, and collaborate with inspiring affiliated organizations.


We encourage our community membership to demonstrate the spiritual virtues of generosity and compassionate service by forming a volunteer task force to confront the realities of poverty and homelessness, environmental pollution, racial discrimination, and the like. We will also empower our membership and international partners to participate in the development and programming of the interfaith fellowship centre and retreat sanctuaries proposed in our Avalon World Centre campus plan.

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