There is a need in modern society for more active forms of entertainment and community-building activities that expand our creative potential. Avalon promotes artistic and cultural activities that engage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our festive events and stage productions celebrate our multicultural heritage and the changing seasons, while seeking to educate and raise awareness of social and environmental issues. We encourage audience participation, and often include comic relief and a fundraising aspect in support of local and global causes. Registered Avalon members have opportunities to volunteer and be creatively involved, and receive a discounted rate on admission tickets.

Our upcoming community festival proposed for September 2013 and May 2014 is the Avalon New Renaissance Faire in SE Kelowna. Our fall and spring faires include magical and educational activities such as a flamboyant horse parade, world music, sustainability expo, exciting tours and games, regional harvest cuisine and a masquerade ball. Don your favorite costume, you won’t want to miss it!

The traditional artistic media expressed by our Artists for Change Guild encompass music, dance, drama, painting, textiles, ceramics, sculpture and building crafts. Digital art, photography, writing, animation and film are included in our Progressive Media Guild. Avalon’s creative professionals perform and exhibit their work at events, as well as choreograph stage productions, direct our World Rhythms Ensemble and facilitate our Sacred Circle Community Dances. These artists play an important part in Avalon’s School Residency Program, which is offered through our New Science and Education branch. They also teach a dynamic Creative Expressions workshop series that explores various modalities for enhancing imagination, playfulness, healing and relaxation.

Avalon’s Paint the Town consulting service can help public and private clients design vibrant civic spaces and buildings. Some of our Artists Guild members work with our Green Design-Build team to integrate the beauty of mural painting, sculptures and other original artisan works (stone, wood, metal, tile, stained glass) into town revitalizations, home renovations or new developments. Our own plans for the World Centre campus village include artisan studios, a world beat dance club, sacred arts healing centre and magical spaces for costumed play and outdoor performances.

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