Sacred circle dancing is beautiful way to celebrate life and community. It is accessible, values diversity, and represents many folk cultures and spiritual traditions. Our community dance programs are designed for the beginner, with instruction from Avalon’s experienced faculty, and may include additional coaching from ethnic community representatives. We plan on having a lot of fun while connecting deeply with the music and rhythmic movements, stepping together towards peace, love and harmony.

The sacred circle community dances are taught in a workshop format, with two days of focused exploration of a dance theme or specific tradition. The workshop will not only include dance training but will also study the cultural context, philosophy and symbolism. Some of our community dance programs will have a universal theme, such as the Findhorn Sacred Dances or the Universal Dances of Peace. We may also include some prayer and cultural rituals as appropriate. We conclude the second day with time set aside to socialize and enjoy some samples of ethnic food.

Avalon intends to offer the Sacred Circle Dance workshops at either the Avalon Retreat Centre or the East Kelowna Hall.  Some dancing may be out in natural outdoor setting as appropriate.  This year we are offering an interfaith dance celebration of the winter solstice season. This special time of the year includes Christmas, Jewish Hannakah, Celtic Yuletide and Zoroastrian Shabe-Yalzda. 


From ancient times, many cultures marked the sun’s movements and recognized the first day of winter and the longest night of the year. It was seen as a time of the sun’s death and rebirth, an occasion for festive celebrations as it gained strength from the winter solstice into the new year. As an antidote to the commercialism associated with the holiday season, we rediscover the meaning and wonder of sacred circle dancing.

Let us dance together on a white night….to remember  and celebrate our inner Lightand bring our inner Light into the outer world.  

We hold hands in the candlelit circle and enjoy the sacred music of the winter solstice season. We will learn songs and chants from several spiritual traditions, including Christmas, Jewish Hannakah, Celtic Yuletide and Iranian Shabe-Yalzda. The music, rhythmical movements and silence will guide us through a practice of devotion and prayer, embodied in the form of circle dances.  No experience is necessary, as all steps will be taught.  You are invited to wear white clothing. We will provide the ethnic food samples to share at our closing social.

The themes for additional circle dance programs will be announced shortly.

Faculty: TBA

Dates and Times:  Dec 22 - 23, 2012

Venue:  East Kelowna Hall or Avalon Retreat Centre, Kelowna, BC

Cost: $395.00 non-members
         $355.50 members

Registration Notes: Please dress in comfortable clothing appropriate to the indoor or outdoor setting.

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