In towns and cities that pre-date the industrial revolution, we see that architecture was a form of art that reflected local history and natural elements of the surrounding landscape. The world’s greatest building traditions incorporated the mysteries of sacred geometry, advanced masonry and decorative carving and mural work. In the modern era, the design of the built environment has become overly functional and devoid of beauty and meaning. We acknowledge that engineering efficiencies and affordability are certainly valuable considerations in the industrial design ethos. However, if we are to once again create vibrant civic spaces and buildings with distinctive character, we must re-integrate the talents of our community artists and skilled tradespeople into the process of development or restoration.

Avalon’s Paint the Town consulting service is an exciting collaboration between members of our Artists for Change Guild and our Green Design-Build Guild.  As part of our Avalon SHIFT methodology, we integrate more environmental, social and aesthetic criteria into the usual design-build process to create an outstanding environment and experience for the user. And we find creative, resourceful ways of enhancing the site without incurring excessive costs for our private and public clients. Whether it is a town centre revitalization, a home renovation or new planned development, we will be pleased to tailor our services and team to your needs.

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