These are Avalon’s signature celebrations that we aspire will become annual events in SE Kelowna.  We will bring in the joy of spring and celebrate the fall harvest season, and can enjoy the merriment of the Okanagan wine festivals at the same time.  We combine the adventurous ideals of the Arthurian legend with the festive atmosphere of the Renaissance carnival tradition. We also celebrate other highlights of world history, including the East-West trade and ideas exchange that formed the basis for the European Renaissance.

Avalon's New Renaissance concept relates to the rebirth of the human spirit. Our Faires support the flowering of local culture into a more conscious and joyful society. Thus, marketplace ethics, inspirational activities, hands-on learning and green technologies are added to the revelry of our events, to promote the emergence of sustainable community in the Okanagan and elsewhere.

What to Wear:  We encourage all event participants to dress up for the occasion. Become your heart’s desire for the festivals – whether it be a pirate, faery, gypsy, musketeer, or lady of the court.  Please note that Renaissance Faires are cheery events, so macabre outfits are best left for Hallowe’en!

Proposed Dates:  The Spring Faire is proposed for May 2015 and the Fall Faire is proposed for September 2015.  Exact dates to be announced shortly.  

Please note: The Spring and Fall Faire itineraries are currently in draft planning stage, and the proposed venues, partners and activities may be subject to change until the event programs are finalized and ready for registration.

PROPOSED FALL FAIRE 2015 EVENTS  - A weekend of activities will take place at multiple venues in SE Kelowna, with the main staging area at the East Kelowna Hall and Ballfields (still to be confirmed).  General admission will cover access to all the activities on Saturday except the bus tours and Masquerade Ball.  The evening Ball and the bus tour events will be registered for online.

Saturday Caravanserai Tent Village: Caravanserai were traditional roadside inns or large courtyards where traders, pilgrims and other travelers could rest and exchange wares and ideas. Caravansaries supported the flow of commerce, information and people across the network of trade routes covering the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Our contemporary Caravanserai will be a gathering of colourful tents exhibiting the creativity and leadership of Avalon’s professional guilds and ethical marketplace members. From fair-traded handicrafts and solar panel demonstrations, to healing therapies and belly dance performers, we present an exciting array of ethical goods and services, sustainability education, exotic refreshments and entertainment.

Saturday Family Games, Tournaments and Rides:  Games and tournaments dating back to the medieval ages and renaissance period will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Proposed family fun includes horseshoes, the climbing wall, longbow archery, human chess, sandcastle box, the pirate’s cannon, croquet and bocce ball (a favorite among the “courts of olde”). There will be demonstrations of falconry and fencing, and some Shetland ponies will pull a wagon for children to ride in. We are inviting lute players, magicians, valiant knights and other members from the Society for Creative Anachronism to also mingle with the crowd.

Saturday Country Food Fair and Stage Shows:  Avalon will serve up some family favorites like corn-on-the-cob, pumpkin pie, samosas and bratwurst sausage made from Okanagan valley farm produce.  Fresh hot apple cider, honey mead and craft beer will also be available for purchase.  Participants can enjoy their food indoors at long medieval-style tables while enjoying some live music and theatrical acts on the main stage. There will be a photographic wall display of our rich SE Kelowna and Kettle Valley Rail heritage, and a donation box for the East Kelowna Hall Society towards building restoration.

Saturday Eve. Masquerade Ball Gala:  Participants will don their fineries and feathered masks at our gala evening event proposed for the Harvest Golf Club, Bottega or other suitable venue. While enjoying a crackling fire and extraordinary view of the valley, we will sample some superb organically grown wines, hors d’oeuvres and gourmet specialties. Our ballroom dancing instructor will guide the beginners through some basic waltz and minuet steps, to the tune of our medieval and renaissance music quartet. Our comic jester will also bumble along to keep the night fun and lively.  

Sunday Guided Hike into Scenic Canyon Regional Park (Gallagher’s Canyon): Learn about the fascinating heritage of Scenic Canyon Regional Park, on a guided morning hike from the Field Road entrance parking lot. Discover the canyon’s outstanding geological formations and natural wildlife habitats, cultural importance to First Nations people, and gold mining and irrigation history escapades.  

Sunday Celtic Spiritual Service: St. Mary’s Anglican Church, located next to the East Kelowna Community Hall, may participate by offering a special morning service of Taize with live instrumental music and ancient chants of Celtic origin. As Avalon is non-sectarian, the service reflects the cultural heritage of the Anglican church and welcomes people of all faiths to attend.  

Saturday & Sunday Neighbourhood Pub Lunch Specials: Participants may choose to dine at the McCulloch Station Pub and/or Bunkhouse Bar and Grill, where their costumed chefs and waiters may serve a special local menu feature (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) for the Faire.  At one of our local pubs we may also feature inspirational afternoon readings featuring the famous works of Scotland’s national poet, Robbie Burns.  

Saturday & Sunday Mystery Tours of SE Kelowna Wineries: Take a guided Mystery Tour to some of SE Kelowna’s wineries that offer delightful tastings and a festive atmosphere which may include live theatre and musicians. Our Mystery Tour guides are entertaining Bards with tales of Camelot, the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. Our shuttle bus service will provide scheduled departures from the Ballfields parking lot.

Saturday and Sunday Sustainable Farm n’ Fun Tours: Take your family on a guided tour of some of our agri-tourism highlights in SE Kelowna. We propose that our shuttle bus tour service will have scheduled departures from Pioneer Country Market where all-natural lunches, fruit pies and preserves are available. Our proposed tour itinerary will explore the fascinating world of the bees at Arlo’s Honey Farm, discover the gardens and products of Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm, meet wild cats and reptiles at CrocTalk Conservation and Rescue, go on a hay ride at the McMillan Pumpkin Patch, and wrap up the tour by enjoying goats and gelato cones at Carmelis Cheese Artisan.

Discover Astronomy Night:  Explore the beauty of the stars and planets at our final evening event for the New Renaissance Faire. We propose dimming the lights at the East Kelowna Ballfields (or other suitable venue) and local astronomy club members will share some telescopic views with participants. Our flamboyant astronomer, Sir Galileo, will provide an engaging interpretation of the night sky.

PROPOSED MAY 2015 FAIRE EVENTS - A full day of activities is being planned to take place in the vicinity of the East Kelowna Hall and Ballfields.  General admission covers access to all the day's activities except the evening Symphonic Soiree and Art Show (venues still to be confirmed).

Costumed Horse Parade:  The morning begins with a procession of costumed horses and riders, with a proposed route leaving from the Camelot Vineyards area to the East Kelowna Sports Field parking lot, where a panel of judges will select the top prize winners.   Costume themes may range from world history and legends to local folklore and fairy tales. There will be a draw for a horse painting done by a local artist.  We invite the BC Backcountry Horsemen, Society for Creative Anachronism and other experienced riders to participate in the parade.

Family Maypole Dance and Games: 
People of all ages can enjoy dancing around our ribboned maypole, to the tune of live Celtic musicians.  This event is proposed for the East Kelowna Ballfields.  Jesters and magicians will also provide comic entertainment, and participants can play games dating back to medieval ages and renaissance period.

Health and Sustainability Expo:   Proposed for the East Kelowna Hall, Avalon associates and affiliated companies will engage the public with some demonstrations and exhibits relating to healthy living and green energy and building technologies. There will also be speakers on cutting edge new energy inventions. Participants will be able to sign up for Avalon community memberships, and donations can be directly made to the East Kelowna Hall Society towards building restoration.

Country Food Booth and Special Pub Lunch:  At East Kelowna Hall we propose to also serve some locally-made fast food like free-range sausage dogs and vegetarian samosas, with some refreshments like hot apple cider and craft beer.  Alternatively, participants can also dine at one of our neighbourhood pubs where costumed chefs and waiters could serve a special menu feature.

Symphonic Soiree and Art Show:  We close the May Faire with an evening social gathering to enjoy local wine and cheeses and some classic music entertainment.  This event is proposed for the Gallagher’s Canyon auditorium or Bottega, and also includes a display of fine art and sculpture by some members of Avalon’s Artists for Change Guild.