The agricultural sector is at a critical crossroads. Farmers, market gardeners and agroforestry practitioners have been under pressure worldwide to use petrochemical production methods and genetically modified seeds, despite implications of increasing debt and damage to our health and the environment. Moreover, over 95% of the animals raised for food in Canada today are mass-produced in factory farms under inhumane conditions. Farmers and consumers must choose between continuing on this perilous path, or re-localizing production and transitioning into more sustainable farming methods.  

Avalon has specialized experience in organic farming including permaculture, agroecology and biodynamic approaches. We currently offer a consulting support service to help properties zoned for agricultural activities make a successful transition to organic status operations, in both rural and urban contexts. This SHIFT-certified service is also a component of our Comprehensive Ecovillage Development Projects, as one of our core integrated systems (Sustainable Farm Support System - SFSS).  We assist farmers and ecovillages with their organic certification process, and with implementing best practices for organic growing and compassionate animal husbandry.

As part of our integral design, we promote the appropriate use of solar energy, biofuels, wireless drip irrigation and other green technologies in farm buildings and site operations, as well as efficient year-round vegetable and nursery production through biodomes and solar aquatic greenhouses. We also explore strategies for easier record-keeping for inspections, and cost-effective management of fruit orchards, vineyards, grain crops and milling, specialty herb and flower gardens, and mixed free-range operations.

We will prepare a Sustainable Farm Support Strategy for our client farms and feature them in our Ethical Marketplace Directory.  Avalon's farming clients will be linked to our network of community members, technical resources, non-GMO seed suppliers, WWOOF volunteer support and food security initiatives. We assist in building prospects for organic product development and market expansion. We also help farmers enhance their income through property improvements and connecting opportunities such as: farmers market retail, expos, community-supported agriculture (CSAs), farm stands and visitor tours, organic delivery services, bed and breakfasts, country inn development, farm-to-school programs, hands-on educational workshops and endangered farm animal breeding. There is also the potential to develop animal learning and herbal healing retreats for visitors, as has been pioneered at the Perelandra Institute, Gateway2 Ranch and Findhorn Foundation.  

Please contact our office for more details. We will tailor our consulting services and rates to your needs and aspirations.