Avalon has developed comprehensive services for major green retrofit and revitalization of industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings, as well as residential resorts and multifamily complexes. These certified project management and consulting services can be added to our SHIFT Workplace Transitions training program, to provide more substantial green improvements to facilities.  

An extensive study conducted in 2005 by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has confirmed that there are real business benefits and increased market value associated with greening existing buildings. Additional case studies of owners and occupiers of green office, industrial, retail, residential and educational buildings across the UK, Canada and USA have reaffirmed these positive outcomes.

According to RICS (2005), green buildings can:

  • Be quicker to secure tenants and enjoy lower tenant turnover.
  • Command higher rents or prices.
  • Cost less to operate and maintain in most cases.
  • Attract grants, subsidies and other inducements to do with environmental stewardship, increasing energy efficiency and lessening greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improve productivity for tenant businesses.
  • Benefit tenant employees directly (through improved health, safety, morale, etc) to such an extent that may even exceed the underlying asset’s value, since staff costs can be can be as high as 85% of business operating costs.

Avalon customizes our green building retrofit and revitalization services to fit the needs of our clients. We complete a whole building and site analysis, and use an integrated design approach for improving energy and resource efficiencies as well as occupant productivity and wellbeing. We draw from the diverse consulting, construction and energy technology expertise represented in our Green Design-Build Guild and Ethical Business Guild. All facilities that have completed our major Green Retrofit are eligible to be featured in our Ethical Marketplace Directory and Showcase.

Avalon works collaboratively with power utility companies like BC Hydro and Fortis BC to incorporate their facility greening incentives, district energy systems and other assistance wherever appropriate. We will also partner with other community agencies to achieve objectives related to heritage conservation an affordability.

Our SHIFT Green Retrofit & Revitalization Service normally include the following steps:

1) Facility Environmental Assessment & Custom Contract Preparation-
Collaborative meeting with management and staff to obtain feedback and baseline information about site and indoor environmental conditions, building equipment and operations, and current levels of occupant health and productivity. Project needs and opportunities are itemized in a custom contract.

2) Cost-Benefit Analysis –
exploring options for equipment upgrades and incorporating new green technologies, non-toxic renovation materials and renewable/ district/ waste-to-energy systems. Consideration is given to life cycle costs and benefits, financial inducements, related improvements for tenants or employees, public relations and marketing exposure.

3) Financing Improvements –
assisting with the administration and financing of facility renovations by targeting government grants, tax rebates, power utility incentives and green loan programs.

4) Green Design Drawings –
preparing architectural drawings, site landscaping plans and environmental design strategies for the building retrofit and revitalization. Major projects may benefit from the use of 3D building information modeling (BIM) and other visualization analysis tools. Avalon's SHIFT methodology promotes aesthetic building and landscape design in harmony with surroundings, and may include local artisan work, rooftop gardens and other functional greenery in the design of the revitalized space. We can also incorporate subtle but effective environmental health and feng shui approaches, to enhance the overall well-being of occupants, and alleviate health risks from EMF radiation, noise and geopathic stress zones.

5) Compact Mobile Recycling for Concrete, Asphalt & other Demolition Waste (if required) - providing state-of-the-art Rubble Master equipment specially designed for building site deconstruction, with easy mobilization and low set up costs. We can turn demolition waste into valuable aggregrate products on-site and remove the steel through the large-scale magnetic separator.  This environmentally preferable technology features dust and noise suppression to minimize neighbourhood impacts and promote acceptance by area residents and city officials. Our clients can save thousands of dollars by avoiding trucking costs, road impact repairs and landfill fees for waste materials. 

6) Green Renovation, Installation & Landscaping Work –
general contracting of our green design-build team and trade affiliates to perform the required renovation work. We will take steps to increase water use efficiency, reduce energy consumption and atmospheric emissions, conserve materials and resources, enhance indoor environmental quality, and improve site sustainability. We access both local and globally sourced building materials and technologies that meet Avalon's leading certification requirements. 

7) Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Training – preparing a management strategy, work schedule and training of staff as necessary to operate and maintain the new system.

8) Approval by Building Inspector & Avalon Certification - achieving project certification from Avalon for completing our Shift process, which is celebrated in a public event. Clients may also seek cross qualification form LEED, Passivhaus Standard or other green building ratings if desired.

Please contact our Avalon office directly for more details and a quote for our services.