Avalon offers all businesses and organizations exciting, whole systems approaches to supporting productivity, employee wellness and environmental and social responsibility. Our SHIFT for Workplace Transitions certified training program doesn’t regulate or inspect with the old mindset of “quality control”. We empower our clients from within, and co-create extraordinary outcomes based in our extensive knowledge of innovative workplace strategies. Your corporation will prosper from the interdisciplinary expertise of our consulting and teaching team, and your employees will appreciate our caring and supportive attitude.

Many businesses and organizations operating under tenancy agreements don’t feel that they have much control over their physical office surroundings. Moreover, management and staff often feel as if they are locked into working dynamics and conditions that they can’t change. These kinds of misperceptions create obstacles to participating in workplace greening and professional development programs. In reality, there is always much that can be done to create a healthy working environment, foster innovative thinking, and promote passion and purpose among employees.

Avalon describes 13 colours and functions in its comprehensive Matrix for Personal Transformation and Community Sustainability. This model was used to create our unique training program that workplace clients in all sectors can participate in, regardless of their tenant or building owner status. Avalon faculty and consultants engage your management and staff in a series of training modules, which can occur monthly or at regularly scheduled intervals. Each module consists of a half day workshop in the boardroom, followed by a second full day of hands-on consultation to set in motion practical initiatives. The training modules culminate in a customized SHIFT Workplace Transitions Action Plan to deliver real green value, conscious organizational development and effective workplace solutions.

Businesses and organizations that successfully complete either our core or advanced training program will achieve their Avalon SHIFT for Workplace Transitions certification, renewed annually provided that the corporation is fulfilling its Action Plan commitments. Our clients also automatically qualify to be listed in our Ethical Marketplace Directory, and are waived the cost of the screening process. They are given Avalon Ethical Marketplace logo decals, and are eligible to be considered for the Green Achiever and Grail Cup awards at our yearly Gala event.


Please contact us to schedule a free visit by our Avalon SHIFT representative, who will conduct a preliminary assessment of the specific problems and needs of your organization. Our representative will explain how our exciting program can inspire success on every level of your enterprise. The cost of this program should be an eligible tax expense under the categories of business development, corporate marketing and/or professional training. The number of corporate management and staff representatives that can participate in the training workshop will be limited to a maximum of 13. Expenses related to any physical office improvements are the responsibility of the client and are not included in our training certification fee. Please refer to our Green Building Retrofit Service if you require major facility improvements.

AVALON'S CORE TRAINING PROGRAM FOR BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS (Workshop Modules 1 to 8) - This program provides everything your enterprise needs to get up-to-speed on corporate greening and employee wellness.


Module 1 Greening and Cost-saving Measures for Office Operations:  Reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of operations, services or product lines/ re-localization and fair trade ethics/ purchasing of eco-friendly office products/ green code for suppliers/ reducing office waste and packaging/ high efficiency lighting/ water and energy conservation/ non-toxic office furnishings and cleaning products/ bin composting/ sustainable business travel and commuting.


Module 2 – Improving Workplace Relationships and Teamwork: Emotional intelligence/ enhancing individual and team performance/ employee engagement and roundtable input into decision-making/ cultural and social diversity training. 


Module 3 – Effective Communications and Marketing with Integrity: Authentic branding and green messaging/ educational approaches to sales and marketing/ optimizing the internet and social networking/ techniques for clear and non-violent communication/ sharing power in the workplace. 


Module 4 – Developing a Corporate Wellness Program: Loving what we do/ intelligence of the heart/ work and family life balance/ environmental health strategies for indoor air quality, daylight exposure, reducing noise and EMF radiation/ boosting employee health and vitality through nutritional awareness, ergonomics, exercise and stress management. 


Module 5 – Innovation and Expression at Work: Fostering creative thinking and imagination/ office aesthetics and feng shui design/ speaking our truths/ incorporating music, humour and play. 


Module 6 – Whole Brain Thinking & Ethical Strategies: Mind mapping and brainstorming techniques/ brain gym and left-right side balance/ aligning corporate mission and policies with social and environmental responsibility. 


Module 7 – Finding Your Inspirational Career Path: Aligning passion and purpose with career direction/ developing intuition/ time-out for rejuvenation and quiet reflection/ creating space for the sacred in and outside of the office. 


Module 8 – Customized SHIFT Workplace Transitions Action Plan: Integrating initiatives from all seven workshop modules/ schedule of implementation measures/ budget commitment to additional staff training and renovation services if applicable.

ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM (Workshop Modules 9 to 13/ our Core Training Program is a prerequisite) - This program provides a unique opportunity for ethical enterprises that want to go to the leading edge of creating heart and soul at work.  Join the world's best corporations who are discovering the power of higher consciousness to make a difference for humanity.

Module 9 – Blueprint for True Abundance: Progressive models of management and governance/ going beyond responsibility to shareholders to include all stakeholder interests/ corporate sustainability reporting/ universal laws of creative manifestation and prosperity.

Module 10 – Accessing Universal Energy & Guidance: Tapping into higher guidance/ personal energy mastery/ group alignment techniques/ transformational leadership and business ethics training.

Module 11 – The Gold of Giving Back: Community partnerships and philanthropy/ sponsorship of social and environmental causes/ employee volunteerism code.

Module 12 – Serving the Greater Good: Collective intelligence/ building cooperation and solidarity with others/ synchronizing personality archetypes/ honouring your gifts and following your calling/ expressing universal love in the spirit of service.

Module 13 – Anchoring the Shift in Consciousness: Grounding techniques/ connecting hearts with the universal matrix and magnetic field of the Earth/ becoming fully present/ maintaining focus and flow/ engaging in Avalon’s Environmental Stewardship Brigade/ Workplace SHIFT Action Plan addendums.


We have a “pay-as-you-go" per module option for the SHIFT Workplace Transitions training certificate, but clients who register for the entire Core or Advanced Program will enjoy a 20% rebate when they complete their certification. For clients who successfully complete the Advanced Program, Avalon will also reduce by 50% our regular fee to prepare a feature-length article of their corporate achievements in our website's Ethical Marketplace Showcase.