Avalon’s Ethical Marketplace Directory and Showcase provides a new opportunity for leading companies and organizations to promote their ethical corporate initiatives and green projects, products and services. In the age of widespread “green wash”, many credible companies have already sought to establish the authenticity of their claims through third party verification. Some of the well-known certifications include:

  • Environmental Choice/ Ecologo/ Green Seal
  • Energy Star/ EnerGuide/ Powersmart
  • Canadian Organic Standards/ COABC Certification/ USDA Organic
  • Forestry Stewardship Council/ Sustainable Forest Initiative
  • Canadian Standards Association/ Scientific Certification Systems
  • Global Reporting Initiative/ ISO 14001/ Responsible Care
  • LEED Certified/ Living Building Performance/ Passivhaus Standard

In order to qualify for a listing in our Directory, a company or organization must fill out our straightforward screening application, which is reviewed by an Avalon committee with environmental, health and green business expertise. We will either confirm the applicant’s third party endorsement by reputable certifications, or if such certifications are not available, we will request that the company or organization provide us with relevant documentation and photo evidence to substantiate their claims. We give consideration to the actual nature and performance of products or services, efforts to green workplace facilities and operations, as well as corporate activities to improve productivity, employee wellness and ethical leadership. Avalon’s clients engaged in our Workplace Transitions or Sustainable Development projects, programs and services will usually qualify automatically. We then translate the applicant’s ethical claims into our easy-to-understand visual icons.

Successful applicants can advertise their company or organization in our Directory indefinitely, provided that they are committed to either maintaining or adding to their criteria when they pay their annual fee. Our standard listing provides space for a corporate logo, contact information and brief description of projects, products or services. At the bottom of each listing will be the Avalon icons that represent their qualifying criteria, as well as any other certifications. All companies and organizations with Directory listings can also display our Ethical Marketplace logo decal on their storefronts, websites and other promotional materials for green brand recognition. Avalon can also be retained to write an independent feature-length article about their corporate greening achievements. The article will be linked to their listing and run in our Showcase section for a period of time, before being archived and made available for other purposes.

The Directory will be organized according to category and will utilize a convenient search engine as it grows. It will give top positioning to businesses and organizations who are engaged in cross-promotion and referral with Avalon. These Ethical Marketplace members may also offer our Avalon community membership special deals on their products and services. The Ethical Marketplace Directory and Showcase is currently under construction, but is now welcoming applications from all regions.

Please contact Avalon directly if your business or organization would like to be part of this exciting network that not only promotes green enterprise, but also provides meaningful criteria and commentary that educates the public. We will be pleased to provide you with further details and our screening application form.