The Avalon membership exercises power of choice to shape the economy by supporting ethical businesses and organizations that demonstrate green leadership standards. All of the enterprises included in our Ethical Marketplace Directory & Showcase will be screened to substantiate their social and environmental claims, which can range from efforts to reduce waste and pollution, to corporate philanthropy and fair trading practices.

Avalon presents comprehensive ethical criteria in an educational and user-friendly format, promoting authentic brand awareness of the green business practices, products and services of our marketplace listings. Avalon community members enjoy special discounts, while qualifying businesses and organizations gain more public recognition and other marketing benefits by being part of our network.

Avalon encourages the industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sectors to take the challenge of completing our SHIFT-certified Workplace Training Program, which we believe is the most progressive in this field. We take greening and organizational development to a whole new level, with interdisciplinary team support for higher goals such as inspiring more creativity and meaning at work. Our core and advanced programs include on-site consultations, engaging workshop modules, and eligibility for nominations at our annual Gala Awards. Organizations that successfully complete our training certification automatically qualify for the Ethical Marketplace Directory and may also be featured in our Showcase. 

The leading edge professionals and trade affiliates of Avalon’s Green Design-Build Guild will also join forces with our Ethical Business Guild to provide major Green Building Retrofit services to ICI clients, as well as residential resorts and multifamily complexes. Our consulting and renovation management team can turn outdated facilities into green workplaces and residences with improved asset value, occupant health and rental stability.  

Community-supported organic farming, solar aquatic/biodome greenhouses and agro-forestry enterprises are also part of our vision to support the transition to a sustainable economic future for the agricultural and resource development sectors. We currently offer Sustainable Farm Support Services to rural and urban producers seeking organic certification and greater income diversification.

Avalon’s own development plans for a World Centre campus village include the ultimate Ethical Marketplace destination. Residential suites are imaginatively combined with green retail space to create a vibrant neighbourhood centre. We have designed an extraordinary eco-expo facility with domed indoor streets and terraced gardens, creating an educational and lively atmosphere for the conscious consumer. The plans also include a sustainable farm learning centre and agro-forestry research station, to facilitate exciting training programs and hands-on demonstrations for locals and tourists alike.  

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