Avalon has created an exciting new model of organizational and community collaboration that effectively resolves interdisciplinary issues and develops opportunities within a structural framework of linked circle domains. Our circular feedback process naturally promotes whole systems thinking, stimulates creativity, and builds trust and understanding. This unique model values consensual decision-making and the equal dignity of everyone involved. We have incorporated the best principles of historic successes like the Arthurian roundtable, medieval trade guilds, Iroquois confederacy and Sociocracy governed enterprises. More contemporary sources of inspiration include corporate best practices, strategic alliances and civic planning forums.

Avalon’s prototype structure includes seven colour-coded branch themes with professional/ trade guilds, guided by a central executive and advisory council, serving a wide community membership base. An ethical investment fund and charitable foundation provide the necessary resources for growing the subsidiary branches and special projects.  Council Directors are the “vision keepers” and have executive roles as well as financial and legal responsibilities for Avalon as a whole. Directors initiate and co-develop exciting training, fellowship and work opportunities with the professional/ trade members, our advisory and community partners.

Our structure will also be used in our consulting and training programs to help other organizations and community development projects achieve their sustainability aspirations. It has the potential to transform the modern workplace, which is commonly associated with “top-down” hierarchies, bureaucratic inefficiency and a lack of personal fulfillment. The resulting “information silos” prevent reciprocal exchange with other management departments or operating systems. Moreover, many public and private sector organizations suffer from the distrust and isolating effects of a competitive marketplace. This scarcity mindset impedes the higher learning and empowerment potentials of more cooperative and collegial socio-economic structures.

PLEASE NOTE:  Avalon has recently undergone substantial corporate restructuring to better offer our sustainability services, investment opportunities and development project iniatives.  A new diagram of our organizational structure will be provided shortly.